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FAP 2011 VOTING SIDELIGHTS 2 by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jun 17, 2011

Part 2

In the ongoing FAP Voters’ film previews for the 2011 Luna Awards at the UP Film Center, missing in action are Tony Ramos and Xever Ramos. Tony of ADPM (Assistant Directors and Production Managers) suffered a stroke early this year while Xever has a critical low level of red blood corpuscles.

FAP Voters noticed the clean male’s comfort room of the UP theater. “May flower vase pa with fresh flower,” commented a film editor.

The Voters had nice words for Emir especially with the choreography. Some Cinematographers praised the good cinematography. Another good aspect was the production design.

Sentimentalists enjoyed Sa ‘Yo Lamang, nominated for Ricky Lee’s screenplay (co-written with Anna Karenina Ramos and Ralph Jacinto Quiblat). It is about the pains and heartaches of an Ate who tried to carry the responsibilities of a fatherless family. “Nakakaiyak” was the common remark.

Lyn Madrigal and Mar Lopez

There were several kids inside the UP theater when Si Agimat At Enteng Kabisote was shown. Bobby Benitez brought along his 2 daughters while SGP’s Mon Orbeta brought his daughter to watch the comedy movie.

An unidentified Voter was asking why Si Agimat At Enteng Kabisote got a lone nomination. “Sa sound lang. Bakit wala sa production design?” His question is valid because the movie is a fantasy and obviously very costly with costumes and set.

On the contrary, several Voters didn’t mince their words for Tanging Ina. “Hindi ako natawa tapos sumakit pa ang ulo dahil parang ginulo lang ang cells ng utak ko,” said one director who is a specialist in comedy.

Babe, I Love You is a refreshing movie according to some Voters. “Kahit love story pero may story naman talaga.” A director commented that the movie made good in the box office because of the casting – Anne Curtis and Sam Milby.

Bebong Osorio in yellow and Baby Navoa holding a cup

More on Babe, I Love You, it’s quite unusual for a movie to have 5 scriptwriters – Ricardo Fernando II, Generiza Reyes, Mia Bacarro, Margarette Labrador, King Palisoc.

Noy also got good reviews especially from the Voters of SGP (Screenwriters Guild of the Philippines). It’s commendable just to consider the actual documentary of the 2010 presidential election campaign of Noynoy Aquino,

Speaking of SGP, the planned election to be held last Friday, June 10 did not push through. No one wanted to comment on the reason of the postponement (or cancellation) of the long overdue election.

It’s nice to note the participation of former character actress Lyn Madrigal. Hearing the remarks of old colleagues, she replied, “Anong maganda? Eto nga at mataba na.”

Musical Director Brando Juan of UFIMDAP in line ahead of Bob Estrada and Robert Abihay. Last in line is Ianne Oandasan of SGP and PDGP.

Brando Juan of UFIMDAP (United Film Musical Directors Association of the Philippines) is questioning the system on why a guild member can be a Citer and a Voter at the same time. In effect, that person would be watching the nominated movies twice.

Composer Pablo Vergara explained that the Citer chose the shortlist for the benefit of the Nominators while as a Voter, we are now watching the Nominated movies with emphasis in the particular category.

Musical Director Pablo Vergara, the composer of Bakit Ako Mahihiya which was popularized by Didith Reyes

Another explanation made by Pablo Vergara was about the music of Emir. “Hindi considered musical scoring yun dahil malamang na gawa na ang music bago ginawa ang film. Ang scoring ay music na ginagawa pag tapos na ang filming.”

A trivia on movies, it was said that the silent movies shown in local theaters sometimes have live dubbers for the dialogue. Later on, a recording in disc (plaka) was used to play in synch with the film.

Director Bebong Osorio was noticed for his cameo role in Two Funerals, a contender for Best Direction. Director Bert Talens Ortega teased that it took Direk Gil Portes ten takes for Bebong to master his role… that of a dead man in the coffin.

Former matinee idol and film director Cloyd Robinson with Gabriel Santos of the Screenwriters Guild of the Philippines

Cloyd Robinson provided some reminiscings. “Ang Agrix Films ang the best noong araw. If they ask you for a script, babayaran ka agad – fifteen thousand.” That was a hefty sum during the 1970s.

Cloyd also related the car accident he figured in. “Nasa Silang (Cavite) kami, after leaving Tagaytay, yung house ni Charito Solis.” Fortunately, Cloyd was able to recover after that accident left him comatose for 1 month.

It’s nice to learn that Vincent Nota is a scholar of NMPP. Vincent, son of FAP’s utility ma, is currently in 2nd year college in UE. He is getting a monthly allowance from NMPP.

NMPP scholar Vincent Nota, Lorna Balmes of the FAP Secretariat, Victor Nota of FAP

A character actor surnamed Roqueza was mistaken for a major. He is actually a retired police colonel. His first name sounds jomar which is a connotation for major hence the mistake. His full name is Adiomar Roqueza.

Mar Lopez had announced his birthday in July. There will be a big celebration since it would be his 75th year. However, there was no invitation, formal or informal.

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