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FILMLESS 3D WORKSHOP SIDELIGHTS by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jun 3, 2011

The toll of 5 pesos will greet you upon entering the Matabungkay area. It is per a Barangay ordinance, the collector said. But you can drop the name of Rolly Bernardo so you don’t have to pay the toll.

Rolly is the very accommodating caretaker of Janet’s Resort in Mata-bungkay, Lian, Batangas, the venue of the Filmless 3D Filmmaking Workshop which was held last May 21 and 22, 2011.

Participants from Net 25 – Penny Morada Choco and Florverlyn Mangilit

It was an opportune time because the beach was clean and the water was warm. That was the reason why the coastline was crowded. One group of excursionists said that they were sponsored by their barangay in Tondo, Manila.

According to the participants, they were gastronomically satiated with the large servings of meals. There was tinola, pakbet with fried fish, menudo and lumpiang sariwa, etc. The snacks were aplenty, from cornik to siniguwelas.

Participants from ABS-CBN

Speaking of siniguwelas, Lani Tolentino fell victim. She was late for the Sunday session due to a bum stomach. “Hindi ko alam, masama palang kainin yun pag walang laman ang tiyan,” she bewailed.

The trainees were also late for the Sunday session maybe because of the Sabado night before. They said that one of them was still asleep, “Hindi ho magising eh.” For that, someone retorted, “Pero hindi ba naman comatose na?”

Virgie Raqueza and Vangie Bulay with Tom Torres in the background

Due to the big number of participants, the 2 aircon units were not enough. “Kulimlim kasi kaya mainit,” said Tom Torres who was so busy in looking for electric fans to augment the ventilation of the seminar hall. Someone remarked that maybe Tom is a distant relative of Rod Navarro.

Bebong Osorio, a former child actor, wanted to make it clear that ABS-CBN’s Corporate Communications head Bong Osorio was a different person. “Hindi namin kamag-anak yun, hindi ko nga kilala eh.”

Oli Laperal of RSVP Film Studios showing the 3D still camera. Take note of the 2 lenses

For an interesting trivia, Oli Laperal, the main speaker of the seminar, shared that Thomas Edison had invented the peep show – a box with a 3D image of a nude girl. Some whispered, “Si Edison din ang inventor ng pornography.” He was correct.

India’s Bollywood produces more than 1,000 movies a year while we could only come up with 300 during the golden era. Pablo Vergara, a director/ composer remarked, “Sisihin nyo si Ishmael Bernal, siya ang nagturo sa India ng paggawa ng pelikula.”

Director/composer Pablo Vergara

Another gimmick of Pablo Vergara worth mentioning was when he told the trainees that they have an envelope (presumably with cash) and t-shirt each from Tom Torres. It was a joke that rubbed on the trainees.

Those directors who got to work in television have no resistance to technology. Jett Espiritu said, “Kasi digital na ang TV dati pa. Doon nga galing ang video na yan. Noong araw pag palaos ka na eh sa tv ka na lang. Ngayon baligtad na.”

Film Director Jett Espiritu with this writer

In addition to the video’s advantage, it is easier to create camera tricks in digital unlike in films where you have to improvise. “Matindi ang editing sa video,” remarked Jett who seemed to be sold out with the technology.

Jun Posadas shared his observation on the indie films. “Walang kumikita na indie kasi kokonti naman ang sinehan niyan. Saka sa totoo lang, ang papangit ng indie. Wala kang mapili man lang.”

In fairness to indie movies, Posadas has this to say, “Mababa lang ang production cost. Si Buboy (Neil Tan) nga kahit below five hundred kaya. Ang cameraman puwede mong baratin hanggang three thousand per day.”

Direk Jun Posadas flanked by Cloyd Robinson and Lani Tolentino of SGP

Posadas related the story of an actor who came to the theater with his friends to watch his movie. “Siya ang bida. Walang passes, bili siya ng ticket para madagdagan ang benta. Kaso one showing lang ang pelikula niya, pinalitan ng iba noong araw ding yun.”

Cloyd Robinson, a former matinee idol, praised some of the indie movies. “Meron namang magaganda kahit hindi kabaklaan. Gaya nung Noy, nanalo yata yun.” Cloyd is to appear in Jun Posadas’ upcoming movie titled Pangitain, The Third Eye.

At the end of the workshop, PMPDA president William Mayo called on the “senior members” of the guild to help him distribute the certificates. No one responded so Mayo had to rephrase his request to “veteran directors.”

Edward Mayo and Vic Belaro

The participants from Net 25 were Penny Morada Choco and Florverlyn Mangilit. The trainees from ABS-CBN were Jessica Lim, Maria Lopez, Majiecor Alivio, Gerald Vizcarra, Arnel Hisoler, Rizi Angelica Gabrang, Reynmil Delgado, Christian Galang, Marc Isidore Maligaya, Eliseo Vien Noriega.

Most of the participants were expectant of a demo shoot using the 3D rig. PMPDA president William Mayo explained the time constraint of having only 2 days for the workshop. Mayo promised to have an actual shoot next time.

An aircon tourist bus was rented for the convenience of the participants in travelling to and fro – FAP office to Matabungkay. “Ang luwag nga ng bus, ang sarap matulog” commented a participant.

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