May 11
THREE DAYS TO L-DAY by Jose N. Carreon  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, May 11, 2005

L-Day—or Luna Awards day—is just 72 hours away.

The red carpet is ready to be laid out. Designers have woven formal 50s-style evening wear for their actress- and actor-models. The erstwhile nameless statuettes, now baptized as Luna, have been molded for distribution on the night of May 14. The menu for the director general’s ball has been printed. Last minute invitations are being enveloped, sealed and sent through messengers.

The ball, figuratively, is now in the hands of the voters—the peers who will write finis to this year’s search for the crop of film craftsmen who turned out outstanding and remarkable works in 2004.

On Sunday, May 15, the peers would have spoken and we have the Luna trophy-holders for 2004.

In effect, the Academy is at the tailend of a year-long process to wean out the best in filmmaking for the preceding year

It is a process on its second year of implementation. What is remarkable is that barely into its second year, this process (called CNV, short for cite-nominate-vote) has proven effective and fool-proof. We can boast that a Luna winner is an honest-to-goodness worthwhile winner.

As of this writing (12 noon of May 11), the voters have five more hours to pick their choices for this year’s awardees at the FAP offices at the Octoarts building on Panay st, Q.C.. A big bulk of voters had already cast their ballots yesterday after the screening of the last two of 14 nominated films at the UP Cinema Center. The ballots will be forwarded to the Cedilla Villarey & Associates for the final tallying of the votes. And the winners will be announced on Saturday, May 11, during the awards proper and then appropriately feted during the director general’s ball that will cap the momentous Luna awards day.

Another awards year will then pass.

The FAP will now focus its attention on the search for the best of 2005 which have been monitored since the start of the year.

Between then and the awards night next year is another undertaking that will once again draw the FAP members—citers, nominators and voters—to close ranks. For the awards has proven to be a great catalyst in unifying the members of an ailing film industry together.

Hereunder, we reprint the list of nominees in the various categories of the 23 rd Luna Awards:

Best Picture : Aishite Imasu 1941 (Basfilms); Milan (Star Cinema); Naglalayag (Angora Films); Panaghoy sa Suba (CM Productions); and Santa Santita (Unitel Films)

Best Director : Joel Lamangan ( Aishite Imasu 1941 ); Olivia Lamasan ( Milan ); Cesar Montano ( Panaghoy sa Suba ); Erik Matti ( Pasiyam ); and Laurice Guillen ( Santa Santita )

Best Actor : Dennis Trillo (Aishite Imasu 1941 ); Christopher de Leon ( Mano Po 3 My Love ); Piolo Pascual ( Milan ); Yul Servo ( Naglalayag ); and Jericho Rosales ( Santa Santita )

Best Actress : Maricel Soriano ( I Will Survive ); Vilma Santos ( Mano Po 3 My Love ); Claudine Barretto (Milan ); Nora Aunor ( Naglalayag ); and Judy Ann Santos ( Sabel ).

Best Supporting Actor : Jay Manalo ( Aishite Imasu 1941 ); Eddie Garcia ( Mano Po 3 My Love ); Ryan Eigenmann ( Milan ); Ronnie Lazaro ( Panaghoy sa Suba ); and Johnny Delgado ( Santa Santita )

Best Supporting Actress : Amy Austria ( Beautiful Life ); Gloria Romero ( Beautiful Life ); Jacklyn Jose ( Naglalayag ); Daria Ramirez ( Panaghoy sa Suba ); and Hilda Koronel ( Santa Santita )

Best Screenplay : Roy Iglesias ( Mano Po 3 My Love ); Irma Dimaranan ( Naglalayag ); Cris Vertido ( Panaghoy sa Suba ); Ricardo Lee ( Sabel ); and J. Gracio, M. Yamamoto and Johnny Delgado ( Santa Santita )

Best Cinematography : Shayne Clemente ( Milan ); Ely Cruz ( Panaghoy sa Suba ); Lee Meily ( Santa Santita ); and Yam Laranas ( Sigaw )

Best Editing : Marya Ignacio ( Aishite Imasu 1941 ); Vito Cahili ( Feng Shui ); Marya Iganacio ( Milan ); Manet Dayrit ( Sigaw ); and Vito Cajili ( Spirit of the Glass )

Best Production Design : Joey Luna ( Aishite Imasu 1941 ); Raymond Bajarias ( Feng Shui ); Nuel Naval ( Milan ); and Edgar Martin Littaua ( Santa Santita )

Best Sound : Ramon Reyes ( Aishite Imasu 1941 ); Albert Idioma ( Feng Shui ); Ramon Reyes/Angie Reyes ( Kulimlim ); Nestor Mutia/Angie Reyes ( Naglalayag ); and Angie Reyes/Nestor Mutia ( Panaghoy sa Suba )

Best Music : Von de Guzman ( Aishite Imasu 1941 ); Carmina Cuya ( Feng Shui ); Lutgardo Labad ( Naglalayag ); Nonong Buencamino ( Panaghoy sa Suba ); and Vincent de Jesus ( Santa Santita )