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PMPDA FILMLESS 3D WORKSHOP by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, May 27, 2011

PMPDA (Philippine Motion Picture Directors Association) held the workshop for Filmless Filmmaking in 3D on May 21- 22 in Janet’s Resort located in Matabungkay, Lian, Batangas.

Attended by trainees from ABS-CBN and personnel from Net 25, the 2-day workshop was focused on directing a movie in 3D. Complete with equipment and gadget samples, provided by RSVP Film Studios, there was also a series of 3D footages shown.

The 3D camera rig having 2 cameras in a mirrorized setup

The event was also graced by Art De Guzman, a former movie director and now president of Net 25. Main speakers of the workshop were William Mayo and Oli Laperal of RSVP Film Studios.

Oli Laperal in blue being thanked by William Mayo. At left is former child actor Bebong Osorio

PMPDA president Mayo delved on the intricacies and virtual advantages of a digital movie while Laperal, who is the foremost 3D expert in the country, fully explained the technical details of the 3D movie.

Participants were able to distinguish the differences of producing a 3D movie as against the ordinary film or digital. Although there was no actual shoot, the subject matter was easily understood thru the display of the 3D camera rig.

Laperal also explained the various viewing glasses for the 3D movies, stressing that the type of glasses would depend on the projector being used. One can also make his own viewing glasses using a red cellophane for the left eye and cyan for the right.

The polarized 3D viewing glasses being tested by the participants

Other participants were film directors Jett Espiritu, Jun Posadas, Bert Talens Ortega, Pablo Vergara, Cloyd Robinson, Joel Apuyan, Vic Belaro, Enrico Villa and Bebong Osorio, a former child actor.

SGP (Screenwriters Guild of the Philippines) sent Lani Tolentino and Alex Socorro while Dante Kabigting and Popoy Rios represented ADPM (Assistant Directors and Production Managers).

A souvenir shot of the participants

The workshop culminated in the usual awarding of certificates. Director Mayo announced the next workshop to be a hands-on where participants will be divided into groups. A short movie is expected for the output.

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