May 20
CHILDREN’S FILM FESTIVAL IN INDIA by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, May 20, 2011

Filipino filmmakers are invited to participate in the 11th International Children’s Film Festival to be held from June to August in multiple venues in India.

Tne invitation was extended by Sadhan Chakraborty, the general secretary of Cine Central, Calcutta, through the Office of Asian and Pacific Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

In a letter sent by Assistant Secretary Cristina G. Ortega to Director General Leo G. Martinez of the Film Academy of the Philippines, Chakraborty said the filmfest is organized in collaboration with UNICEF, the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, government of India, and Nandan, West Bengal Film Centre.

Chakraborty explained the rationale behind the children’s filmfest: Our objective for organizing a film festival exclusively for children is to help our children pay enthusiastic attention to this particular form of entertainment which broadens the sphere of their knowledge and shapes their character with a wholesome development of their emotional quotient.”

He added that last year’s 10th International Children’s Film Festival was inaugurated by West Bengal Gov. Shri M. K. Narayanan and involved the participation of nearly 80,000 children.

Chakraborty explained that all the films will be screened in DVD format and that the entire event is non-commercial with complimentary passes to be distributed thru the schools, as well as social and civic organizations.

His letter further reads: “We shall deem it a great favor if this year Filipino filmmakers kindly explore all possibilities to submit suitable Philippine children’s films with English sub-titles or dubbing in English.”

An accompanying brochure of last year’s filmfest listed the following entries:

US—The Spiderwick Chronicles, directed by Mark Waters;
Czech Republic—Who’s Afraid of the Wolf, directed by Maria Prochazkova;
Bulgaria—The Prince and the Pauper, directed by Mariana Evstatieva;
Croatia—The Ghost in the Swamp, directed by Branko Istvancic;
Netherlands—The Letter for the King, directed by Pieter Verhoeff;
France—L’iIe de Black Mor, directed by Jean-Francois Laguionie;
Israel—Eli & Ben, directed by Uri Ravid;
Iran—Wind Carpet, directed by Kamal Tabrizi;
China—Who Cares, directed by Huang Tianxin
Taiwan—Mazu, directed by Lin Shin-Jen;
Korea—Mateo, directed by Song Geun-Sik;
India—Talnabami, directed by Dhananjoy Mandal;
Japan—Swing Girls, directed by Yaguchi Shinobu.

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