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By Issa Sebullen

More popularly known as the Annual Oscar Awards, the 77 th Academy Awards was hosted by comedian Chris Rock. AMPAS (Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences) is the counterpart of FAP (Film Academy of the Philippines) which is composed of movie guilds, from actors, directors and down to the screenwriters and production designers. Of the 5,000 or so members of AMPAS, more than 3,000 voted for this year’s Oscar winners.

According to the blurb of the Name the Statuette contest, the statuette Oscar got its name from a simple remark “Gee, he certainly looks like my uncle Oscar (Pierce).” FAP’s own female statuette of 23 years will soon have a name. After making a shortlist of 25 entries, the judges decided to ask for the reason (rationale why the name is to be chosen) from the finalists. And that reason will decide the name of the FAP Statuette. Moreover, the selected name (by the contest committee) will have to be approved by Film Academy’s Board of Governors. Will it be Maria Clara? Diwata? Or Luningning?

Simultaneous with the giving away of the Academy Awards, 3 scriptwriters will step on the stage to claim the 200,000-peso prize for the 1 st FAP Scriptwriting and Storyline Contest. Likewise, 5 storyline writers will share the limelight to each receive their 50,000 prize. Certificates will be distributed to 7 finalists in the Scriptwriting and 15 finalists in the Storyline Writing category. All finalists entries, 10 scripts and 20 storylines, will be offered to the producers for the intention of being submitted to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2005. Lucky scripts that would be taken in by producers will receive an extra 50,000 pesos and selected storylines will be written into scripts with the author having the first option to write it. With the good number of entries received, expect the Film Academy to launch the part 2 of this writing contest soon after the awards night.

A new innovation for the 24 th FAP Awards is the Lifetime Achievement award. A statuette called RONNIE AWARDS in honor of Da King of Philippine movies, Fernando Poe, Jr., and presumably in the image of Da King, will be given to the Lifetime Achiever. It is hoped that Susan Roces will be there to present the Ronnie Award.

APM Events One Productions of Albert Martinez will, once again, handle the entire Awards night. It promises to be another first with the nostalgic motif (or dress code) in the 50s and 60s. From Westin Philippine Plaza to the Cultural Center of the Philippines, limos and expensive cars transported the celebrities last year. It is a good guess that vintage cars will be used this year.

The public is invited to witness the grandest showbiz event of the year. Lots of “pakulo” will fill up the whole-day schedule. And as per tradition, the awards night will be telecast although on a delayed basis.

The 24 th FAP Awards will be held on May 14 at the Westin Philippine Plaza in the CCP complex. A MOA (memorandum of agreement) is being worked out so that TV networks would declare a “no-taping day” on that date in order to allow the celebrities to attend the grand affair. And like last year, the awarding ceremonies will be followed by a Director General’s ball for the traditional pictorial and interviews of winners.

The complete programme of the upcoming Awards Night will be published soon on this website.

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A Lyceum professor, Issa Sebullen is a 3-time Palanca awardee who is on the last leg of her doctoral studies. She is also a director of the SGP Board (Screenwriters Guild of the Philippines). Feedback to this article can be sent to