Apr 15
STORY TOUR ASIA SCREENWRITING SEMINARS IN RP IN MAY by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Apr 15, 2011

Two international film/TV screenwriting instructors will conduct two-day workshops in Manila, Bacolod and Cebu for the launching of the Story Tour Asia Screenwriting Seminars 2011.

This was announced by Sophia Erasmo, communications and marketing manager of WIGILE Group, in a letter addressed to Director General Leo G. Martinez of the Film Academy of the Philippines.

Erasmo said that Luke Devenish and Karel Segers will share their insights on dramatic writing for film and television by conducting lectures during the seminars which are scheduled as follows: May 7 and 8, Manila; May 11 and 12, Bacolod; and May 14 and 15, Cebu.

The seminars will also feature local film industry professionals, including scriptwriters Ricky Lee and Raz de la Torre, broadcast executive Raymund Dizon and film executive Amor Olaguer.

According to Erasmo, the program is “offering the first comprehensive English film and television storywriting classes of its kind in the Philippines.”

Erasmo added: “In a globalized market, it is the products with universal appeal that travel beyond national and language borders. We teach you how to create stories for the screen and to identify the elements of this appeal, leading to the creation of internationally successful film products.”

The seminars, in effect, take the initiative to promote greater collaboration between international films industry artists in the East and West, Erasmo expressed.

The Film Academy was requested to promote this event “as this would benefit your organization’s advocacy on supporting arts education.”

Erasmo further stated in the letter: “Attending the Story Tour Asia Screenwriting Seminars 2011 is an opportunity for all aspiring or practicing writers, novelists, playwrights, journalist, directors, actors and producers who want to write stories that capture the imagination of the broadest possible audience.”

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