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THE JAMES BOND “FORMULA” by Gabriel the Messenger  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Apr 15, 2011

There are 22 (official) James Bond movies. It started with Dr. No (1962) and the latest is Quantum of Solace (2008). Pito (7) na rin ang gumanap na James Bond. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig.

After 22 movies in a span of almost 50 (fifty) years, people still go out and spend money to see a James Bond movie. Kahit isang tambak ang for sale na pirated copies. At kahit available ang computers and internet sa mga tao.

Here is the “formula”.

The first part which is about 8 to 10 seconds is the trademark music and shows the shadow of a man walking and shooting someone. If you see and hear this, you know that you are watching a James Bong movie.

Then the exciting ten minute part of the story before the film credits of the are shown.

Film credits, with the original theme song for every James Bond movie sung by an internationally known singer or a group, last for about three minutes. The video backgrounds are almost always the same. Shadows of guns, bullets and girls who seem naked are shown in the background.

The next ten minutes will show the main incident which causes the problem between the British (James Bond is British) and other countries like China, U.S., Japan etcetera…etcetera.

Then the next two minutes will show our hero James Bond in an uncompromising position with a chick and they will be disturbed (very predictably) by a call from James Bond’s office.

James Bond Meets The Villain Unofficially

The next ten minutes will be a meeting (formal or informal) of the representatives of the countries involved. Then James Bond arrives at the headquarters and meets his boss M. Sometimes M is a male character. And sometimes M is a female character. Viewers do not care. As long as they know that M is the boss of James Bond. And he is given the mission. By this time, the charming Miss Moneypennie’s face (secretary of M) would have been seen on the camera for about two to three times and is usually the only time you will see her in the entire movie.

Where Is James Bond’s Leading Lady?

Note that about 35 minutes have already passed and we still have to see James Bond’s leading lady. She (Michelle Yeoh, Halle Berry and others) usually appears officially at the start of the second CD or the second half of the movie.

The Gadgets

The next three minutes will show Mr.Q. introducing the electronic gadgets that James Bond will use for the movie. A poison pen, a grenade pen, a magnetic watch, an intelligent car (that can either be remote controlled, invisible, or even swims like a submarine). Complete with multiple plate serial numbers, missile launchers and the like. No James Bond movie is without these amazing gadgets.

James Bond Formally Meets The Villain

Either in a party, card game and the likes. Here James Bond also meets the girlfriend or girl Friday of the villain who will help or give important information to James Bond. There will be muscle play as the bodyguards of the villain try to erase James Bond but as usual, James Bond gets away. This will be about 17 minutes.

Ladies Man.

James Bond is packaged as a ladies man. He will be shown here with the girlfriend or the girl Friday of the villain. Of course a mild scene (James Bond movies are usually rated GP) showing underwear will be seen. Plus a kissing scene. We will most likely see the Walther PPK (James Bond’s official weapon) and it’s silencer clearly for the first time. Lasts for five minutes. Now James Bond has extracted secret information from this meeting.

Opening A Safe (Kaha De Yero) Scene.

This scene is about twenty minutes. Why? Dahil halos mahuli si James Bond sa eksenang ito. There will be a gunbattle. Sometimes a car chase. Hand to hand combat. Bazookas and missiles will be involved (sometimes). And a menacing assistant of the main villain will be shown. But as usual, James Bond will escape after twenty minutes with the goods from the safe.

CSI ( Crime Scene Investigation) Scene.

With the information that was gathered, James Bond will now go to the site of the crime (Under water, on an island, and the likes) to investigate. The movie is now halfway through and James Bond’s leading lady is shown. But the enemies are also there and our heroes are captured and taken to the villain.

James Bond Meets The Villain Officially

James Bond and his leading lady almost get it but they escape miraculously. There will be stunts, car chase, motorcycles, helicopters, tanks, horses, whatever, but still Mr. Bond and partner escape. CSI scene plus the escape will be about fifteen minutes.

Boy Meets Girls Scene

An introduction of our lady spy. About five minutes. James Bond and our lady spy’s bonding time. Like taking a shower together.

Final Act

James Bond and company attack the hideout of the villain. Someone gets captured. The other one helps so that the one captured, gets away. There will be hostage taking. Treachery. Gun fights. Hand to hand combat. James Bond wins. Game over. This will be the final 25 minutes of the movie for a total of 120 minutes or two hours.

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