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FDCP’s SINENG PAMBANSA GOES TO BAGUIO CITY by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Apr 1, 2011

In January, it was held in Iloilo City. Then its venue was Zamboanga City in February. Late March, the recently-launched Sineng Pambansa film festival of the Film Development Council of the Philippines, headed for a three-day filmfest in Baguio City.

FDCP Chairman Briccio Santos just signed a memorandum of agreement with Mayor Oscar Rodriguez of the city government of San Fernando to bring Sineng Pambansa to Pampanga on the last week of May.

The Baguio filmfest will be held at Cinemas 1 and 2 of SM Baguio. Films scheduled to be shown in the two SM cinemas are the following:

Kung Mangarap Ka at Magising of Mike de Leon (1977)
Bakit Dilaw ang Gitna na Bahaghari of Kidlat Tahimik, a special jury prize winner of the 1994 Bombay Film festival
Himpapawid of Raymond Red (2009)
Happy Land of Jim Libiran (2009)
Emir of Chito Rono (2009)
Two Funerals of Gil Portes (2010)
Romeo at Juliet of Adolf Alix Jr. (2010)
Ang Mundo sa Panahon ng Yelo of Mes de Guzman (2009)
Walking the Waking Journey of Ferdinand Balanag (2009)
Itim of Mike de Leon (1976)

Simultaneously, the Sineng Barangay (Community Cinema) and the Sineng Masa (People’s Mobile Cinema) will also be held.

Sineng Barangay will be held in an Ifugao village in Asin, Benguet while Sineng Masa will be held at Burnham Park.

The Sineng Barangay films include Kung Mangarap Ka at Magising and Don’t Give Up On Us while the Sineng Masa films will feature Banawe, Mumbaki, Kung Mangarap Ka at Magising, Don’t Give Up on Us, Pasiyam, Friends in Love, Emir and Agila.

Chairman Santos, in explaining why San Fernando was chosen for Sineng Pambansa’s May schedule, said: San Fernando is very vibrant and there are a lot of talents here and educational institutions. It is also near other provinces and Manila as well as having celebrated filmmakers like Brillante Mendoza and other budding artists.”

Mayor Rodriguez vowed full support of the city government: We are very proud to have been chosen for the film festival. We would fully support this endeavour since we have a lot of talented Fernandinos and Kapampangans as well as proper venues like our Ninoy Aquino Amphitheater and Heroes Hall.”

Sineng Pambansa is an FDCP program that features the free exhibition of films—features and documentaries by both mainstream and independent Filipino filmmakers—to precede the celebration of a traditional feast or cultural event in a locality.

The FDCP is tasked to support and promote the development of the country’s film industry and to enhance through films our rich and diverse cultural identity and heritage.

Sineng Pambansa will henceforth be a yearly affair in cities or towns where it will be held.

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