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3D STEREOCOSPIC WORKSHOP by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Mar 25, 2011

The 3D Stereocospic Cinematography workshop was successfully held in Janet Ballelos Resort in Matabungkay, Lian, Batangas from Saturday morning, March 18, until the afternoon of the next day.

Organized by FSC (Filipino Society of Cinematographers) and spearheaded by its president Isagani Sioson, the workshop attracted a total of 32 participants, mostly veteran cinematographers and also some college students.

Oli Laperal, head of RSVP Films, the pioneer in 3D production in the country. At right is FSC president Isagani Sioson

RSVP Films provided the main fare. Oli Laperal, RSVP head, dominated the lectures with his technical jargon where the participants got to know the complexity of the 3D camera and also the intricacies of shooting with the 3D camera.

Laperal’s lecture was replete with examples, analogies and historical bits which never failed to amuse the listeners. He was also equipped with visual aids like charts, photos and video samples.

Ariel Reyes explaining the difference of the 3D camera against the ordinary digital camera

Ariel Reyes opened the sessions by sharing his knowledge to the group. Ariel, a former scholar who studied film making in Russia, encouraged the production of 3D movies by emphasizing the bigger returns in gross.

FSC president Sioson acted as moderator and documentarist aside from taking care of the schedule of activities. Sioson was thankful to the participants for their interest in cinematography.

The attentive participants and Jett Espiritu, seated at extreme right wearing white.

In lieu of Film Director Jun Posadas, who wasn’t able to come as a guest speaker, another film director took his place. Jett Espiritu did some sharing then handled the task of directing the short movie which was concocted on the spot. This would serve as the main output of the workshop.

The workshop ended with the distribution of the certificates, which were signed by Sioson and Laperal. RSVP Films also handed out some complimentary t-shirts.

To cap the workshop, RSVP Films gave out a formal invitation to the participants to see for themselves the final stage of editing the short 3D movie output. That session would be held in the RSVP office in Makati City.

Under the aegis of the NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts), the workshop was provided free accommodations by Janet Ballelos Resort whose manager Rolly Bernardo, was a former production designer.

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