Mar 09
FAPOURRI – CONTEST RESULTS by Kiko Arroyo  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Mar 9, 2005

NAME THE STATUETTE contest has been waiting for the explanations of the finalists why they chose such a name for the FAP Statuette. Before the end of March, the 3 judges will declare the winners based on the submitted explanations.

The winning Statuette name will earn 5,000 pesos for the sender while second and third placers will receive 3,000 and 2,000 pesos respectively. Just for fun and consideration for the effort, ten senders are to receive consolation prizes of 1,000 pesos each. The awarding is scheduled to coincide with the FAP Awards night on May 14, 2005 so expect the winners to get an invitation.

* * *

SCRIPT AND STORYLINE WRITING CONTEST results will be out before the end of April. Ang lahat ng entries ay nasa 5 judges pa. Bawat isang judge ay magbibigay ng kanilang top 5 scripts at top 5 storylines bago sumapit ang March 15. The shortlisted 25 scripts and 25 storylines will be read by all the 5 judges. Bubuo ng consensus ang 5 judges para makabuo sila ng list of final 10 scripts at final 15 storylines (previously published as final 20 storylines).

As the final step of judging, all finalists for both the script and storyline will undergo a deliberation to choose the prize winners, 3 for script and 5 for storyline. There will be a scoring system to be implemented.

For the SCRIPT, the 3 winners will each get 200,000 pesos plus certificates of recognition. The 7 losing finalist will also receive certificates. All 10 finalist scripts will be offered to the producers.

Sa STORYLINE naman, ang bawat isa sa 5 winners ay tatanggap ng 50,000 pesos plus certificates of recognition. Ang 10 losing finalists ay meron ding certificates. Lahat ng 15 finalist sa storylines ay ipang-aalok sa mga producers. In case of acceptance, the author will have the first option to write the storyline into a script.

The marketing of the scripts and storylines aims to augment the submissions to the screening of Metro Manila Film Festival entries in December, 2005.

* * *

SIMULATED CITING is still ongoing and to last until the end of March. All submisions will be compiled and tallied. Scoring updates will be published on this website from time to time. As of this writing, our inbox is already bulging with more than 5,000 votes from the public.

To follow is the Simulated Voting where the public can choose the winners. But before the Voting, we will be waiting for the Nominators to come up with the final 5 nominees for each of the 12 categories. On or before the end of April, the public is again invited to pick their winners from the list of nominees.

* * *

The PRIDE CAMPAIGN is off to a good start based on the countless emails that landed in our inbox. At this early, we also have received entries via text. For more details of the PRIDE CAMPAIGN please go back to our homepage and click on the Bodega for the article MAGMALAKI KA! published on March 2.

* * *

Asia Pacific Film Institute is having a Producer’s Course on April 11 to 15. To be conducted by AIM’s Jay Bernardo and Cecille Manikan, the course topics are business planning, legal processes, basics of MTRCB, tax rebates, distribution, bookkeeping, marketing techniques and media.

Interested parties may call 725-2239 or text 0917-857-9989.