Mar 02
SIMULATED CITING PREVIEW by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Mar 2, 2005

By Julie Nuñez

FAPWEB started the Simulated Citing for the benefit of the cyber public last Feb. 2 where the entries came in trickles. After a week there were only 54 people who joined. But on Valentine’s day and thereafter the entries came in droves, so to speak. As of end of February we already have more than 3,000 citings in our inbox. All the citings are being compiled and sorted then tallied into a final sheet. Of course, the final scores will be published here a few days after the deadline.

By the way, we would like to announce that has recently become the leading website in the entertainment industry with hits of more than 8,000 per day and a record one-day hits of 28,383. Kudos to the staff of the FAPWEB Media Bureau headed by our very dedicated editor.

In the preliminary (partial canvassing of 2,000 submitted citings) tally, MILAN is slightly ahead in the race for the Best Picture award. A romance movie shot on location in Italy, Milan starred Piolo Pascual and Claudine Barretto. Close behind are festival entries NAGLALAYAG, MANO PO 3, KULIMLIM and PANAGHOY SA SUBA. Others in the crowd for honors are PASIYAM, FENG SHUI and SANTA SANTITA.

The Best Actor category is another close race with Christopher De Leon holding a slight margin. Closely following him are Cesar Montano and Robin Padilla. Mano Po 3 was the vehicle of Christopher while Cesar’s was Panaghoy Sa Suba and Robin’s was Kulimlim.

For the Best Actress, an expected battle is brewing between Vilma Santos of Mano Po 3 and Nora Aunor of Naglalayag. Dark horses in this category are Angelica Panganiban for her portrayal in Santa Santita, Kris Aquino for her scary role in Feng Shui, Kris Aquino again for her Kikay role in So Happy Together and Judy Ann Santos for Sabel.

For the Supporting Actor, Dennis Trillo is seeming to be a runaway with his role as a closet gay in Aishite Imasu. Although far behind, still can spring a surprise are Richard Gutierrez for I Will Survive, Jeffrey Quizon for Kulimlim and Roderick Paulate in Pasiyam.

For the Supporting Actress, Rebecca Lusterio seemed to have made an impact for her role in Panaghoy Sa Suba. Rebecca is followed by Hilda Koronel for Santa Santita and Sheryl Cruz for Mano Po 3. Other dark horses are Lotlot De Leon for Feng Shui, Cherry Pie Picache for Pasiyam and Iza Calzado for Sabel.

In the Best Director category, it is a toss up among Joel Lamangan, Olivia Lamasan, Maryo J. Delos Reyes and Chito Roño (Feng Shui). Joel Lamangan has entries via Mano Po 3, Aishite Imasu and Sabel. It was Milan for Olivia, Naglalayag for Maryo J. and Feng Shui for Chito.

For the benefit of those who want to join the Simulated Citing, look to the right of this page and click on AWARDS SELECTION. Fill out the entry form there and click submit when done. Don’t forget to fill in the space for your name and email address because only those entries with valid email addresses will be included in the tally. So the cyber public may know, the last day of Citing has been extended to March 31, 2005.

The next poll is the voting – this is the final step to determine the Academy Award winners. The public is again invited to join the voting to start in April when the nominations are posted. The 5 nominees, as a result of the citing, will serve as the finalists for the Film Academy Awards.