Jun 22
JAZZING UP THE WEBSITE by Jose N. Carreon  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Jun 22, 2005

Expect some new features to backstop your usual fare of articles and materials in our weekly website.

In a meeting of the Fabweb board—composed of FAP Director General Leo G. Martinez, Deputy Director General Jesse M. Ejercito, Technical Consultant Alex Socorro and Website Editor Jose N. Carreon—a list of new features will soon appear here to augment the regular sections anent the actvities of the Film Academy of the Philippines and related agencies.

Adhering to the principal function of the website as the official mouthpiece of the Academy, we will continue to monitor projects and programs being undertaken by the different FAP guilds, as well as Mowelfund, the producers’ associations and our neighbor, the Motion Pictures Anti-Film Piracy Council, Inc.

Issues which affect the film industry as a whole will be properly and judiciously discussed whenever the need for it arises.

We still believe that the priority audience the website is trying to reach are the thousands of workers, craftsmen and financiers who keep the buzz of the film industry humming. Inasmuch as the website is sometimes logged onto by foreigners (presumably interested to learn present realities about the local film industry) makes it doubly important that facts and figures, as well as film industry personalities (not only actors and actresses), are carried and disseminated through the website.

At present, the website has focused on the forthcoming Metro Manila Film Festival Philippines 2005. We are reprinting the rules and regulations covering the selection of festival entries in three installments. For those loggers who might deem that such materials can only be boring, just bear in mind that there are producers and film industry rank and file members who need this document.

But the board has lined up regular features that will balance things up and eventually jazz up your favotire website.

We admit that we have intentionally cut down on articles on gossips, rumors and controversies (which are more the staple in the pages of tabloid newspapers like Bulgar, Abante or Remate ) about our actors and actreses. To entertain inquiries about such reports, we will encourage everyone to send via e-mail their questions about these controversies—or their reactions to them. We’ll try our best to answer your queries through an e-mail to the editor section.

To provide greater coverage on your favorite actors and actresses, the website will soon open a section for the profiles of these personalities, as well as other craftsmen involved in filmmaking like directors, etc..

We will also be coming up with a regular feature on upcoming movies—in pre-preduction, in actual photography and in post-production—to provide a constant monitoring on who is filming what.

Because studies have shown that games is one of the top two come-ons (porno is the other) in terms of popularity, this website will soon feature a weekly trivia quiz. Initially, we’ll come up with 10 trivia questions per week. We’re still contemplating if we can provide weekly prizes to make things exciting.

And for those with fan-mentality, the website will carry out surveys or polls on timely subjects—the hottest loveteam, the best films or performances for a particular quarter of the year, etc. This cyber voting intends to involve you loggers out there.

For months now, the website has encouraged loggers to get involved in our Pride Campaign where an individual or an organization can send in write-ups about things, people, places, tourist spots, or programs which they can be proud of in their partcicular barangay or municipality. We’ll start a series of these submitted Pride articles as soon as we have inventoried the write-ups already sent in through e-mail.

These are only some of the new features our website will soon be initiating here. We hope to effect a viable balance between official pronouncements and reports from the FAP and its member guilds, on one hand, and the more popular entertainment-oriented materials, on the other.

We’re jazzing things up so keep on logging.