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METRO MANILA FILM FESTIVAL PHILIPPINES 2005 RULES AND REGULATIONS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Jun 22, 2005

Part Two

(Reprinted hereunder is the continuation of the final draft of the rules and regulations for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival Philippines)


The Overall Chairman of the 2005 MMFFP shall appoint the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and the members of the Board of Jurors from the list of recommendees submitted by the MMFFP EXECOM.

The screening and judging of all film entries shall be on December 17-20, 2005.

Graded (timed) prints of the ten (10) official film entries, shall be submitted on or before December 15, 2005, 5:00 p.m.to the Head of the 2005 MMFFP Secretariat for viewing by the Board of Jurors.

On or before 5:00 p.m. of December 15, 2005, the producers of the ten (10) film entries shall submit to the 2005 MMFFP Secretariat joint certifications with laboratories concerned that prints needed to service the theaters assigned to them shall be made available on time.

Any participating producer of the ten (10) film entries who fails to submit the certification required on the date and time above mentioned shall be penalized in the amount of FIFTY THOUSAND [P50,000.00].

Changes in the final filmography charts, such as the names of the leading performers and film genres, done after 5:00 p.m. of December 15, 2005 shall not be entertained by the Board of Jurors and necessary sanctions may be imposed as deemed appropriate against the producer(s) concerned.

Rating system of the Board of Jurors shall be the new SGV formulated rating system.


On or before November 15, 2005, producers of the 1st batch of film entries shall submit their respective trailers with a minimum of 150 trailers per film to the theaters concerned. Delayed submission of trailers is subject to a penalty of TEN THOUSAND PESOS [P10,000.00] per day of delay.

On or before December 10, 2005, producers of the 2nd batch of film entries shall submit their respective trailers with a minimum of 150 trailers per film to the theaters concerned. Delayed submission of trailers is subject to a penalty of TEN THOUSAND PESOS [P10,000.00] per day of delay.

Such penalty may be reduced proportionately to the number of trailers submitted.

The producers of the ten (10) film entries shall submit to the 2005 MMFFP Playdate & Sales Monitoring Committee proofs of the receipt of the trailers by the theaters concerned.

The Executive Committee shall produce or cause to produce a festival common trailer containing information and materials it may deem conducive to the success of the festival. The common trailer must be finished and exhibited two (2) months before the festival. Such trailer shall be submitted to concerned theaters as early as possible.


In case one or more official entries cannot be shown because of:

1.1 Temporary Restraining Order or Writ of Injunction issued by a court of competent jurisdiction;

1.2 Disapproval by the MTRCB or the Cinema Appeals Committee;

1.3 Failure of the film processing laboratories to finish the required prints of the official film entry or entries;

1.4 Late submission of prints and other causes through no fault of the Committee;

1.5 Loss or destruction of any part/s of the master negative and/or sound tract of the final film entry or entries;

1.6 Withdrawal by the participating producer/s of the film entry/ies

The Executive Committee shall have authority to replace such film/s as provided for under 2 nd paragraph og Rule VI. The replacement film entries shall be entitled to all privileges and subject to responsibilities specified under the rules.


The producers of the official entries shall show proof of availability of the necessary number of prints needed for exhibition in the designated theaters, as certified by the processing laboratory or studio or by the authorized representative of the Committee on Playdates & Sales Monitoring Committee not later than December 17, 2005, otherwise, they shall be subject to appropriate sanctions by the Execom as provided for in the rules.

The producers of the official entries are required to:

[a] Participate in the Motorcade/Parade of Stars on December 24, 2005 in Metro Manila by: (i) providing one festival float for the film entry; and [ii] ensuring the attendance/presence of at least two (2) of the entry film’s lead stars and the supporting casts in the parade. In the event that a local organization/person is willing to put up floats for the parade outside Metro Manila at their own expense, the same shall be allowed.

[b] Personally attend with their respective lead stars and nominees the Awards Night and Appreciation Night on January 14, 2006 (tentative).

The producers of the official film entries must designate in writing thru a Board Resolution in case of Corporations or Partnerships, their authorized representatives who can decide for and on their behalf regarding important matters affecting their film entries including receipt of subsidy. In case of a Co-production between two or more individual movie producers such co-producers must submit a notarized affidavit specifying who among them is authorized to receive the subsidy.

Representatives who do not have the necessary authority referred to above shall not be recognized by the Executive committee and other concerned committees of the festival. Non-attendance of the producer concerned or of his/her duly authorized representative in any meeting wherein he was invited and properly notified, shall constitute a waiver on his/her privilege to question any decision arrived at in such meeting.

Strict compliance with the rules and regulations of the Festival’s Playdate & Sales Monitoring Committee governing the exhibition of the official film entries during the Metro Manila Film Festival Philippines 2005 is required of all participating producers and exhibitors [theaters/cinema operators].


Artistry, Creativity and Technical Excellence & Global Appeal…………………………………………………………. 40%

Box Office (based on 1 st seven days of each batch)………… 40%

Innovativeness and Thematic value………..………………10%

Positive Filipino, Cultural and/or Historical Values….…………10%


The minimum rating of each screener or juror for each entry/nominee should not be below 75% but not more than 100%.

In case the total percentage of a juror or screening committee member for an entry/nominee is below 75%, the tabulators shall automatically adjust the score to 75%. On the other hand, if the total percentage is beyond 100%, the same shall likewise be automatically adjusted by the tabulators to 100%.

Each juror or screener is required to give a score, respectively, to each category. Should he/she fail to do this, the tabulators are hereby authorized to give the minimum score of 75% as provided for in the rules.

The Board of Jurors may change the classification for the category where the actor/actress could be qualified for the purpose of receiving awards based on their evaluation on the performances of such actors/actresses in the movie.

( To be continued)