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CRITERIA FOR MMFFP SCREENPLAYS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Jun 8, 2005

The executive committee of the 2005 Metro Manila Film Festival Philippines has released the guidelines and criteria for the selection of the seven festival entries based on screenplays. The deadline for submission of screenplays is June 30, 2005.

Aside from the seven entries selected through screenplays, three more entries will be chosen on the basis of finished products. This new policy means a producer can forego the screenplay selection and just submit his or her finished film on or before December, 5, 2005 where it will compete with other finished films for the remaining three slots.

The complete guidelines/criteria issued out by the MMFFP execom is reprinted hereunder:

1. Voting shall be by secret balloting. The Chairman and members of the Selection Committee shall vote. No proxies shall be allowed and there shall be no abstentions. However, in case of a tie, the Chairman of the Selection Committee shall break such tie. Each member of the Selection Committee must read and evaluate all the screenplays. Failure to read and evaluate even one screenplay will disqualify him/her as member of such committee.

2. Each ballot shall be athenticated by the signatures of the representative(s) of the official tabulators, the Executive Director, the Chairman of the Selection Committee, and Chairman, Rules & Regulations and Legal Affairs Committee.

3. The casting and tabulation of votes shall be done on (date to be decided upon) before the announcement of the seven (7) best screenplays.


1. Story, Creativity, Writing Excellence, Innovativeness, Thematic Values and Global Appeal……..50%

The screenplay must be written for a full-length movie which has not been shown in any theater/cinema, television or cable station. The screenplay’s quality and viability should lean on the harmony of the scenes, the tightness of the pacing and the story itself. In the event that the screenplay is an adaptation of a literary work, the writer must either secure the written permission of the author of the said literary work or submit a certification to the effect that such literary work has already become part of the public domain. Should the script be a product of original work, the scriptwriter shall indicate such fact in the letter of intent.

2. Commercial Viabilioty……..30%

3. Positive Filipino Culture/Historical Values……..20%

The writer of the screenplay is free to choose his own theme or subject matter conducive to the promotion and enhancement of the moviegoers’ positive Filipino cultural, historical and/or traditional value, portraying positive realities without unreasonably exploiting misery and/or negative human conditions from which no redemption can be clearly shown. As much as possible, the screenplay must generate a clear understanding and appreciation of Filipinos’ identity as a people with a proud history and culture which are distinctly our own.

To enhance the value of the festival as a tool for national growth and development, scriptwriters and producers are encouraged to espouse any or all of the following themes:

Those that portray positive realities without unreasonably exploiting misery, graft and corruption, desperation and negative human conditions from which no redemption can be clearly seen on the film.

Those that seek to establish the Filipino identity of moral courage, strength of character and perseverance in the struggle against odds.

Those which depict love of country.

Those which encourage love and protection of environment.

Those which portray ‘urbanidad’ or courteous or respectful behavior.


Creative and effective interpretation of story and screenplay.

Logical development and consistency of characters and story.

Originality of style.

Originality or creative story adaptation.

Social, cultural and moral relevance and value.

Logical definition of characters.

Extra-ordinary appeal.

Global acceptability/entertainment appeal/competitiveness.

4. No more than two (2) entries of the same film genre shall be allowed. The genres shall be chosen from the following: action, drama, comedy, horror, adventure, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, musical, or a combination of two (2) or more thereof.

5. The rating score for each genre shall not be more than 100% or less than 75%.

On the other hand, if the reader/evaluator gives a score beyond the maximum of 100% and below the minimum of 75%, the representative(s) from the official tabulating firm shall have the authority to adjust it to the required scores.

In this case, the rating sheet(s) adjusted by the tabulatoirs shall be signed by them and countersigned by the Chairman of the Selection Committee.