Jul 29
CALLING FAP CITERS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jul 29, 2005

This is to remind all FAP members, specially our Luna Award citers, that the process of award-giving is a year-long affair. We have just passed the first half of this year and there were a total of 24 local films which were exhibited. All of these films, we would like to remind you, are up for your consideration for next year’s awards derby.

To facilitate things, the FAP leadership has released the list of films already shown from January to June this year. Six of them received ratings from the Cinema Evaluation Board of the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

The CEB-rated films included:

— Let the Love Begin of GMA Films, directed by Mac Alejandre. (Rated B)

— Dream Boy of Star Cinema ABS-CBN, directed by Gilbert Perez (Rated B)

— Can This be Love? of Star Cinema ABS-CBN, directed by Jose Javier Reyes (Rated B)

— Bikini Open of Seiko Films, directed by Jeffrey Jeturian (Rated B)

— La Visa Loca of Unitel Pictures, directed by Mark Meily (Rated A)

— Nasaan Ka Man of Star Cinema ABS-CBN, directed by Cholo Laurel (Rated B)

A total of 24 films were shown in theaters during the January-June period. A breakdown of these films showed that eight films were of the bold variety, six comedy films, five youth-oriented films (including 3 of those rated by CEB), and one film each for the genres of action, drama, suspense, horror and a religious bioflick.

Only four production outfits were able to break the one-film output. These were Star Cinema (three), El Nino Films (four), LUV Films (two) and MaQ Productions and Regal Entertainment (three).

The film outfits with a film released were Rocketts Films, GMA Films, Taurus Films, Cine Suerte, Jordan Films, Viva Films (a digital film), World Arts Cinema, Seiko Films, Unitel Pictures and Water Plus Films.

FAP citers are advised to review these films for the year’s first half to come up with their tentative list of possible nominees. Those interested can contact the FAP secretariat to inquire where they can borrow VCD or DVD copies of those films already shown for their review.

The list of films shown during the first half of 2005 is as follows:

January— Uno, Rockets Production; Hayop sa Ganda, Hanep sa Porma, LUV Films.

February— Dream Boy, Star Cinema; Let the Love Begin, GMA Films; Night Job, Taurus Films.

March— Saksi Driver , El Nino Films; Tag-ulan Ngayon…Ang Bukid ay Basa 2, LUV Films; Birhen ng Manaoag, Cine Suerte; Bahay ni Lola 2, Regal Films.

April— Pelukang Itim, Jordan Films; Boso (Digital Viva); Paraiso, World Arts Cinema; Okay Ka, Pare Ko, El Nino Films; Can This Be Love?, Star Cinema.

May— Tagos sa Laman, Vincent Films/El Nino Films; Sa Aking Pagkakagising Mula sa Kamulatan ; Ang Lagusan; Bikini Open, Seiko Films; La Visa Loca, Unite Pictures.

June— Say That You Love Me, MAQ Productions; Gracia , El Nino Films; Nasaan Ka Man, Star Cinema; May Kiliti Ako Diyan, Water Plus Productions; Happily Ever After, MAQ Productions.