Jul 08
THE SUPERSTAR – THE USUAL SUSPECT by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jul 8, 2005

The silent queries of the silent majority persist. Ano ba talaga ang nangyari kay Nora Aunor? Bakit na-involve siya sa drugs? May kinalaman ba si John Rendez? The list of questions is pretty long but the universal answer is a terse “wait.”

Nora Aunor herself had requested the fans to refrain from further speculating. Moreover, Ate Guy had already issued a statement in clearing John Rendez on the issue. Let’s leave the decision to the court… hopefully a favorable one for Nora Aunor.

And so, while waiting for the developments of the court case in the “land of the brave and home of the free,” perhaps we can take a look at the backgrounder sent by EPEE R. RAFANAN from San Francisco, California.

Nora Aunor has been in the United States since August, 2004 after her successful concert tour in the country called The Power of Two which paired her with chanteuse Kuh Ledesma. Earlier media accounts of her stay in the US had her quoting that she very much enjoys the opportunity to live a semi-normal life. In the US, she has the chance to do ordinary things as most common folks do like shopping at the malls, taking public transportation, etc. “Semi-normal” because although she doesn’t get mobbed here by big crowd of fans as it is in the Philippines, some fans still approach her occasionally, albeit with reservations, when she is in public places like shopping malls, restaurants and even in the church.

For the first time in her life, she has a driver’s license from the Department of Motor Vehicles after successfully passing both written and actual tests. She is excited to have this essential requirement for living in the US. And just like her legendary acting prowess, her driving tests were all passed “take one”.

Ms. Aunor is a multi-awarded actress in the Philippines, if not the most-awarded. Her latest conquest is her third international Best Actress award from the Brussels International Film Festival this year for her portrayal of a lady judge involved in a May-December love affair with a taxi driver played by another award winning actor Yul Servo of the movie Naglalayag (Silent Passage).

Naglalayag is currently doing the rounds of film festival circuits. It was recently shown at the New York Filipino Film Festival this June. I happened to be in New York for the New California Media conference at the Columbia University when the film was shown and I watched one of its screenings. Moviegoers applauded after one of the highlights of the film, the “wake” scene.

Naglalayag is also scheduled to be shown at the Sine! Sine! Film Festival of the Filipino American Arts Exposition at the Century 20 Theaters in Daly City, California in August. Naglalayag , written by Irma Dimaranan, won the Best Screenplay category in the recent FAMAS awards.

For the last three months, Nora Aunor has been busy doing concerts and musical shows in the US. After all, singing has been her ticket to superstardom. She catapulted to fame after winning the grand finals of Tawag ng Tanghalan, an amateur singing contest, in the sixties. She has had solo concerts in Sacramento, Bakersfield and the islands of Oahu and Maui in Hawaii. In Reno. Los Angeles and Las Vegas, she was reunited with her favorite leading man, Tirso Cruz III for the “Guy and Pip: Together Again” concerts.

After these concerts, Ate Guy , as she is fondly called by her fans, decided to lie low and attend to her personal stuff. One of them is the charge that she allegedly carried in her possession a controlled substance at the Los Angeles Airport en route to the Bay Area. She pleaded “not guilty” to the charge. Her first hearing was scheduled on June 27 but later reset to July 25.

Cora Salumbides and Vicky Nubla, community leaders in Vallejo, have agreed to produce the show Alay ni Ate Guy sa ‘Merika to be presented by Ace Entertainment International at The Banquet, Vallejo Plaza, 3505 Sonoma Boulevard, Vallejo, California on July 10, 2005 at 5:30 p.m. Comedienne Fe de Los Reyes and the St. Patrick Festival Choir are appearing with her. For more information and tickets, call (510) 691-8132, (510) 691-7546, (707) 567-1983 and (415) 424-3669.

As of todate, the Superstar has 4 official websites in the internet.
1. www.nora-icon.com
2. www.nora-aunor.com
3. groups.yahoo.com/group/NoraAunor/
4. www.geocities.com/pinoymovies/nora_aunor.html