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METRO MANILA FILM FESTIVAL PHILIPPINES 2005 RULES AND REGULATIONS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jul 1, 2005

Part Three

(Reprinted hereunder is the final instalment of this year’s MMFFP rules and regulations. You can refer to the June 8 and 15 websites for the first two installments—editor)


The producers of the ten (10) winning entries shall be granted an incentive of SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (p750,000) each. The Execom at its discretion may, however, grant additional incentive depending on the final outcome of the overall share of the MMFFP from the amusement taxes on ticket sales of the festival.

A penalty of TEN THOUSAND PESOS [P10,000.00] per day of delay or any amount in proportion to the undelivered number of trailers shall be imposed on any participating producer for his/her failure to submit to the MMFFP Secretariat by 12:00 noon of December 6, 2005, the required laboratory certificate stating that the minimum number of 100 trailers are complete and delivered to the theaters concerned.

A penalty of TEN THOUSAND PESOS (P10,000.00) is likewise imposed on any participating producer for his/her failure to submit to the MMFFP Secretariat by 12:00 noon of December 17, 2005, the required laboratory certificate stating the minimum number of prints can be finished and available for distribution to the participating theaters in the MMFFP 2005.

Another TEN THOUSAND PESOS (P10,000.00) penalty for each day of delay is imposed on any participating producer for his/her failure to make available for physical inventory of the finished/completed number of prints as required by the Playdate, Sales and Monitoring Committee, which should not be later than midnight of December 17, 2005.

Failure to provide the float and the required participation of the lead actors/actresses and supporting performers of each entry during the Parade of Stars; for Metro Manila ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS [P150,000.00].

Failure of the awardees for artistic and technical excellence to attend the Awards Night without valid reason shall mean automatic forfeiture of fifty (50%) percent of their cash prizes. Failure of the awardees to attend both the Awards Night on December 30, 2005 and Appreciation Dinner sometime in February 2006, shall mean automatic forfeiture of the entire cash prize. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the awardee shall still be entitled to receive his/her trophy. Any participating Executive Producer/Owner concerned who failed to personally attend the awards night shall be penalized by ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS [P150,000.00].

The valid reason referred to above may be hospitalization due to major illness.

In case a non-awardee lead star is absent during the Awards Night, he/she shall be penalized in the sum of TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS [P25,000.00] which shall be deducted from his/her producer’s cash incentive/subsidy or from whatever income to offset said penalties.

A walk out and/or disturbance marring the orderliness of the occasion caused by the group or delegation led by the producer or any responsible member of his group of any participating producer during the ceremonies of the Awards Night shall be penalized in the amount of THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS [P300,000,00] in the case of the producer and TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS [P25,000,00] in the case of each of the stars, chargeable to the cash incentive of the producer, and disqualification from participating in the future Film Festival for two (2) consecutive years. Awardees joining the walk out or delegation causing the disturbance referred to above shall be disqualified from receiving awards during the 2005 MMFFP Awards Night. Likewise, any producer/s filing a court suit or suits without evident cause or causes of action against any committee or members thereof of the MMFFP 2005 shall be disqualified from participating in future Metro Manila Film Festivals.

The penalties imposed under the rules and regulations of the Festival Playdate and Sales Monitoring Committee as approved by the Executive Committee upon recommendation of the Festival Rules & Legal Affairs Committee shall be strictly enforced.


The decisions of the Executive Committee, Screening Committee, Selection Committee, the Board of Jurors are only appealable to the Executive Committee, and the decision of the latter in accordance with the rules are final and unappealable.

The results of the voting for various artistic and technical awards as tabulated by the official tabulators shall be kept with confidentiality in sealed envelopes placed under their care and custody. The same shall be opened, and the contents thereof shall be announced, only during the Awards Night/Gabi ng Parangal Awarding Ceremonies.

For the decisions of the Screening Committee and the Board of Jurors to be valid, a majority of their respective members shall have attended and participated in the screening and evaluation of all the ten (10) film entries but the decisions of the Board of Jurors must be by all its members.


Notwithstanding the deadlines set forth in this rule, the Executive Committee shall have the authority to extend said deadlines for the following reasons:

[a] When it is necessary to enhance the artistic quality and prestige level of the festival entries consistent with the MMFFP’s goal of upgrading the quality of Filipino films and to give the viewing public the chance to see the best that the film industry is capable of producing for the duration of the festival.

[b] When it is necessary to ensure the commercial success of the official film entries to the film festival thereby maximizing film revenues accruing to the festival’s beneficiaries.

[c] In order to give a meaningful and fruitful implementation of the festival’s policies to promote not only the national interest but also the growth and prosperity of the Filipino Film Industry.


Any question or inquiry relating to any of the foregoing rules and regulations must be formally submitted to the 2005 MMFFP Committee on Festival Rules and Legal Affairs through the MMFFP Secretariat on or before the close of office hours of June 30, 2005. Otherwise, the same shall no longer be entertained and the festival organizers, executive committee, the board of jurors, screening committee, selection committee and other festival committee members and tabulators are immune from any liability, civil or criminal, which may arise out of any participation or incidents relating to the MMFFP 2005.

If there would be any objections or protests, the same should be made formally in writing to the Executive Committee before the announcement of the selected seven (7) screenplays. Similarly, any objection or protest against any applicant on the finished film category shall be made in writing and submitted to the Execom before the announcement of the selected film entries for the 2 nd batch. Afterwhich, the MMFFP Executive Committee and all the people connected therewith shall not be held liable for any damages or suit civil or criminal pursuant to Rule XVIII, which is stated below.


The Executive Committee, Selection Committee, Screening Committee, Board of Jurors, and other committees of MMFFP 2005 hereby reserve their rights to decide with finality any matters and/or changes arising from and relative to the celebration of the Metro Manila Film Festival Philippines 2005, including but not limited to, the selection of the seven (7) best screenplays and three (3) finished films, the ten (10) film entries and the selection of the various awards of the said festival. The MMFFP Executive Committee and all its sub Committees, officers and members shall not be liable for any damages or suit civil or criminal.