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FILMS REVIEWED BY CITERS: 16 by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Dec 17, 2010

Citers for the 29TH Luna Awards of the Film Academy of the Philippines have already previewed a tota of 16 films for the period ending December 17 as they head for the holiday break. The citers are expected to finish their previews of an estimated 30 films by January 14 next year.

Previewed this week were I’ll Be There of Star Cinema; Cinco of Star Cinema (Dec. 13); Muli of MJM Productions; Babe, I Love You of Star Cinema (Dec. 15); Bakal Boys of Apogee Productions; Romeo at Juliet of Kisapmata Productions.

The filmography of the six films is as follows:

I’ll Be There

Maryo J. de los Reyes, direction/Artemio Abad Jr., Athena Aringo & Melissa Mae Chua, story/Athena Aringo, Melissa Mae Chua & Anj Pessumal, screenplay/Gary Gardoce, cinematography/Chris Ecker de Guzman, production design/Albert Michael Idioma, sound/Jesse Lucas, music score/Tara Illenberger, editing/casting: Jericho Rosales, KC Concepcion, Gabby Concepcion, Mickey Ferriols and Celia Rodriguez.


Frasco Mortiz (Braso), Enrico Santos (Paa), Ato Bautista (Mata), Nick Olanca (Mukha) and Cathy Garcia-Molina (Puso), direction/Joel Mercado, story & screenplay/Moises Zee, Manuel Teehankee & Herman Claravall, cinematography/Vincent Ricafrente, Lesley Anne Padilla & Sherwin John Atienza, art direction/Ronald de Asis & Aurel Bilbao, sound/Cesar Francis Concio, music score/Marya Ignacio, editing/casting: Jodi Sta. Maria, Maja Salvador, Mariel Rodriguez, Pokwang, Sam Concepcion, Baron geisler, Rayver Cruz, Nanding Josef and Zanjoe Marudo.


Adolfo Alix Jr. direction/Jerry Gracio, story & screenplay/Albert Banzon, cinematography/Gerry Santos, production design /Mark Locsin, sound/ Noli Aurillo, music score/Adolfo Alix Jr., editing/ casting: Sid Lucero, Cogie Domingo, Rocky Salumbides, Max Eigenmann, Joross Gamboa and Anita Linda.

Babe, I Love You

Mae Czarina Cruz, direction/Mia Bacarro, Margarette Labrador & King Palisoc, story/Ricardo Fernando III, Generiza Reyes, Mia Bacarro, Margarette Labrador & King Palisoc, screenplay/Charlie Peralta, cinematography/Samantha Fu & Tyrone Osana, art direction/Aurel Bilbao, sound/Jessie Lasaten, music score/Marya Ignacio, editing/ casting: Anne Curtis, Sam Milby, Tetchie Agbayani, Nikki Valdez, Kitkat, Laurice Guillen and Leo Rialp.

The Red Shoes (A Love Story)

Raul Jorolan, direction/James Ladinay, screenplay/Ike Avellana, cinematography/Norman Regalado, production design/Jessie Lasaten, music score/Ike Veneracion, editing/casting: Marvin Agustin, Nikki Gil, Liza Lorena, Tessie Thomas, Tirso Cruz III, Tetchie Agbayani & Iwa Moto.

Romeo at Juliet

Adolf Alix Jr., direction/Jean Altavas, screenplay/Albert Banzon & Maisa Demetillo, cinematography/Roland Rubenecia, production design/Ditoy Aguila & Junel Valencia, sound/Teresa Barrozo, music score/Jay Halili, editing/ casting: Victor Basa, Alessandra de Rossi, Lemuel Pelayo, Max Eigenmann, Rosanna Roces, Jay Manalo, Daria Ramirez & Bing Pimentel.

The second tier of previewers, the nominators, will have a timetable of January 20 to February 5 to evaluate the 10 or so films selected by the citers. As in previous years, peers will be judging peers, meaning director-citers or nominators will consider works of directors while scriptwriter-citers or nominators will pick the possible nominees for best screenplay for 2010. And so forth down the line of film artists and technicians.

The Academy will resume giving out awards for distinguished achievements in local films after a two-year hiatus.

Due to financial problems brought about by the big slash in the Academy’s share in the annual Metropolitan Manila Film Festival (Philippines) amusement tax rebate, the 27th Luna awards (for films shown in 2008) and 28th Luna Awards (for films shown in 2009) were not staged.

Winners for the 27th Luna Awards were, however, already decided by the Academy voters but are still kept confidential with the FAP’s accounting agency. The winners will receive their trophies during the 29th Luna Awards staging in April, 2011.

The last awards held by the Academy was the 26th Luna Awards (for films shown in 2007) which was held at the Mandarin Oriental Suites of the Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City on February 8, 2009 with the financial assistance of the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

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