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FAP’S FILM GYM SET FOR 2011 by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Dec 17, 2010

The Film Academy of the Philippines has set up a film school called the “Film Gym” which will hold seminar-workshops starting next year, Director General Leo G. Martinez has announced.

The Film Gym’s year-round seminars and workshops will feature a progressive training system that is practicum-oriented and designed to allow students to progress at their own aptitudinal pace. Its director, Surf Reyes, also set up the Mowelfund Film Institute.

Aside from the seminar/workshops, filmmakers of all levels, from the beginner to the advanced, can practice, hone and condition their abilities under the training coach, in the same way athletes and health buffs do in a gym.

Prospective students and gym habitués will be screened based on attitude and aptitude…in that order. “Aptitude can be trained, but attitude is a matter of personal choice. We aim to gather together a positively creative film community. True creativity is always positive…for the essential nature of true creativity is in being unifying. The Film Gym is open to serve everyone who intends to use digital film for personal and social transformation,” Surf Reyes stressed..

He added further: “In the olden days, when one wanted to write a letter, he had to hire a scribe. Today, film is the language of the age, and yet, when one wants to make a film, he has to hire a filmmaker. The Film Gym will trail blaze towards a New Visual Literacy…and towards Democratization of Digital Film Making, or bringing the power of the moving image language of digital film to the hands of more and more people for true people empowerment, and towards personal and social transformation.”

“This is our dream. And there is nothing more powerful in the universe than a dream whose time has come. This dream is fast becoming a reality with the present digital technology that allows anyone to shoot digital film…even with a cell phone! And edit with any computer! And show one’s story to the world by simply uploading to YouTube!,” Reyes continued.

The first seminar/workshop will be held sometime in January 2011. The seminar portion is called VL101 (the moving Image Language of Film / Learning To Tell a Story in Visual Terms). This will be a total of 7 session days.

The next phase will be VL102 (Basic Technical and Practicum Workshop). This will constitute 7 session days followed by a month where the participants will do exercise and thesis films at their own time. The classroom session days will be held on weekends to accommodate working professionals and students.

But FAP intends to hold seminar/workshops for those who can attend on weekdays to hasten the training.

In the first seminar/workshop, priority will be given to the FAP members and members of their immediate families. But all who are interested to join are encouraged to submit their names and pertinent data to be part of the list of reservation for this and succeeding seminars and workshops. Those interested can go directly to the FAP office to fill out registration forms, or email the Director at …or join to leave a message, ask questions, and participate in discussions by going to

More info on the vision and ideology behind the Film Gym, detailed description of the course content and training strategy, etc., will be posted to TheFilmGym@yahoogroups website.

Fees: For the VL101 seminar, the fee is P3000. Likewise, for the VL102 workshop, the fee is P3000. But for those who will register for both, the fee is only P5000. We will also announce percentage cuts on fees for early registrants.

But FAP Guild members and their immediate families will be subsidized by the FAP and will only pay P300 each for both seminar-workshops.

Those who have already completed the VL101 seminar in the past under workshop facilitator Surf Reyes will be allowed to take the VL102 practicum workshop directly .

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