Jan 26
FAPOURRI – FEEDBACK ATBP by Kiko Arroyo  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Jan 26, 2005

In case you didn’t notice, we published the titles of the entries submitted to the FAP Scriptwriting and Storyline twin contest. Check it out on the right side of this page, click on the SCRIPT CONTEST.


We received an email on the ff problems:

1. I cannot access your website. It takes a long time for the page to display.

My reply: You may be accessing the wrong website so never rely on the search. Just type www.fapweb.org in your browser’s address portion and when the correct page displays then click on the Favorites and save that page with the name FAPWEB. Next time all you have to do is click on the Favorites and click on FAPWEB.

2. I just went to your website but the titles of the script contest are not there.

My reply: Go back to that page and click REFRESH in your browser. Your browser setting is not in the “auto refresh,” that’s the reason.

3. Will the results of the contest be published in the website?

My reply: You can bet on it!

Para sa mga nagtatanong ng tungkol sa contest, magbalik lang kayo dito sa www.fapweb.org dahil dito ipa-publish ang resulta. Kung mahalaga ang katanungan, mag-email kayo sa fap_web@yahoo.com . Please, wag na kayong tumawag sa FAP dahil busy ang mga tao sa pag-aayos ng mga contest entries. Sige, pag naistorbo sila baka hindi umabot sa Academy Awards night ang resulta. Kayo rin!


We condole with the family of one of our writers whose father, Emilio Ragay, passed away last Jan. 21 at the age of 88. To Vince, our condolences.


Here’s an email from nujs65@yahoo.com re the recent MMFF.

Maybe you all are banging heads and recuperating from the recent MMFF Awards Night. Well as we have concluded there are ups and down but all’s well and ends well.

Nakita nyo na from the recent survey fantasy and horror are still in the front seat and with it that tells us that drama and others are not too keen to all Filipinos, they wanted to be entertained and their entertainment is always said “what if”. The likes of getting the edge of their seat and what excites them and their curiousity, the rendition of making their minds take off in an unwordly visions, probably it is a form of escape mechanism to replenish their wordly matters.

Again they go to the big screen to see their excitement and nothing can stop their curiousity and we want our expectation to be met. When we go to the movies we let ourselves engulfed by the story and go with the actors to accomplish the task. Some standards are not met and we find the viewers disgusted but some are satisfied and they go home happy, whatever the outcome from the screen itself or from the production staff and from the previous award we know now the trend of movie our viewers are seeking from the cash coming off the cash register up to the viewers lining the ticket booth.


Eto naman ang isang nakakakiliting email mula kay blnce@hotmail.com.

Natuwa talaga ako sa mga articles na nabasa ko. Kasi some are very conversational… Reader-friendly talaga. Though some are quite deep. Eh siyempre, some readers may not be able to relate dahil hindi lang naman intellectuals ang kine-cater ng site ninyo. So it provides a wide variety for people with different tastes! Congrats ha. Uy, send my compliment to the editorial board ha. Nah… Seriously, natuwa talaga ako. Very entertaining at the same time informative ang mga sinusulat ninyo.


Announcement from <liz_pages@yahoo.com>

Feature Writing Workshop sa February 20 sa ISIS International-Manila Office sa # 3 Marunong St., QC. Maaari pong tumawag sa telephone # 417-1521 o mag-text sa 0919-740-5199.


Again, may we request the readers to join the poll. Malaking tulong sa amin ang malaman kung ano ang gusto ninyo. Look at the right side of this page, andyan ang poll na nagsasabing “Yes” I like this article. Click nyo lang yun, please.