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TANGLED RPG by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Dec 10, 2010

It’s Rapunzel. It’s a Walt Disney movie. It’s another animation. And it’s 3D.

Tangled, the title of the movie, is actually the milieu where Rapunzel would be trading wits with the enchantress Mother Gothel. Remember that Rapunzel is the girl with the kilometric tresses in the German lore.

And instead of a prince, there’s the rough and tumble guy Flynn Ryder for her boyfriend. Of course, Rapunzel’s long hair would be playing a big role in their adventures.

Tangled is a deviation from the traditional Walt Disney animation. Although the music is still the Disney type, there’s the unconventional plot that caters more for the adult viewers in the pop culture era.

This is their first 3D animated movie since acquiring Pixar to the tune of 7.4 billion dollars. The pioneer in digital imagery, Pixar produced the legendary Toy Story series that grossed more than a billion dollars for Toy Story 3.

To achieve the flowing effect of Rapunzel’s hair in animation, it’s difficult to project the curves and edges (of the animated drawing). Disney had to develop a software tool to allow their animators to draw on the computer screen using a stylus.

To add to the thrill of a 3D movie, Tangled has many chase scenes plus action sequences that involve twists and unexpected turns. In essence, Tangled is a modern version of the fairy tale that we know from the olden times.

The 50th animated movie of Walt Disney studios, Tangled comes after the lackluster performances in the box office of Meet The Robinsons, Chicken Little, Home On The Range and Brother Bear.

Walt Disney is hoping to hit the jackpot with Tangled. The expected worldwide performance of Tangled is expected to put back Walt Disney in the leader board of animation movies.

Released last year, Avatar of 20th Century Fox grossed more than $2 billion in the theaters and video sales. Second running is Pirates of the Carribean which returned a billion dollars to Buena Vista (producer).

With the voices Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, there were 20 songs created for the soundtrack of Tangled, led by Mandy Moore’s When Will My Life Begin. Mandy has a duet with Zachary in I See The Light.

It took three years and a legion of animators and visual effects technicians to finish Tangled. Having a budget of $260 million, Tangled is more expensive than the $237 million production cost of Avatar.

Amid the negative reviews from movie critics, Tangled grossed $142 million in it’s first week of showing. Worldwide, it’s still going strong and expected to earn at least a billion dollars from the theaters alone.

In the footsteps of Tangled and other successful animation movies, the Metro Manila Filmfest has an animation entry. And it’s also a 3D, a first in Philippine movies.

RPG METANOIA is the first 3D animation as an entry in the 2010 Metro Manila Film festival

Contrary to the traditional fantasy animation, RPG Metanoia is set in modern times, targetting the young moviegoers with the backdrop of technology particularly the computer and the internet.

Nico, the main character, is a computer gamer wizard that accidentally uncovers a sinister plot in the form of an internet virus. Expect the unexpected with the almost limitless capabilities of digital effects.

To add attraction, animation movies use the voices of popular celebrities. In the case of the local animation Urduja, it used the voice of Regine Velasquez while Dayo had Nash Aguas voicing for the lead role.

Famous for his role as Santino in ABS-CBN’s May Bukas Pa tv series, Zaijan Jaranilla gives life to Nico, the 11-year old hero. There are also the voices of Aga Muhlach, Vhong Navarro, Eugene Domingo and many others.

Produced by Star Cinema in partnership with AmbientMedia and Thaumatrope, RPG Metanoia is expected to raise to the level of locally-created animated movies.

Previously released locally-created animated movies didn’t do well in the box office. Ibong Adarna in 1997 was the first one to flop followed by Urduja in 2008 and the MMFF 2009 saw the failure of Dayo.

Known for its good promotional strategy, Star Cinema may yet pull a surprise in the box office since the youth, nowadays, are unpredictable themselves.

Whatever the outcome may be, here’s wishing that the 2010 Metro Manila Film festival will be a greater success than the past years.

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