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CITERS VIEW FOUR MORE FILMS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Dec 3, 2010

Citers for the 29TH Luna Awards of the Film Academy of the Philippines have already previewed six films as of Friday (Dec. 3). Following a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, the citers are expected to finish their previews by January 14 next year. There will be approximately 30 films to be previewed.

Citers on the 3rd screening day

Previewed this week were Emir, a joint production of the Film Development Council of the Philippines, the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Viva Films; Babae sa Sementeryo of AEI Productions; Working Girls of Viva Films, GMA Films and Unitel Productions; and Two Funerals of Teamwork Productions. The first two films were previewed on Dec. 1 and the other two on Dec. 3.

The first two films previewed were: Sagrada Familia of Legalas Entertainment and MKAK (Mga Kahihinatnan ng Ating Kabalbalan) of RGUTZ Productions.

The filmography of the four films is as follows:


Chito S. Rono, direction/Chito S. Rono & Jerry Gracio, story/Jerry Gracio, screenplay/Neil Daza & Lee Meily, cinematography/Digo Ricio, production design/Albert Michael Idioma & Addis Tabong, sound/Josefino ‘Chino’ Toledo, music score/Gary Granada, Vin Dancel, Diwa de Leon & Ebe Dancel, composers/Gray Granada, Jerry Gracio & Rody Vera, libretists/Jerrold Tarog, editing/casting:Frencheska Farr, Kalila Aguiluz, Julia Clarete, Dulce, Beverly Salviejo and Sid Lucero.

Babae sa Sementeryo

Neal ‘Buboy’ Tan, direction/Ariel Inton, story/Neal ‘Buboy’ Tan, screen-play/Renato de Vera, cinematography/Cyrus Khan, production design/ Raymond Concepcion, sound/Sherwin Castillo, music score/Rocky Ko, editing/casting: Boots Anson-Roa, Tommy Abuel, Roi Vinzon, Roldan Aquino, Ma. Isabel Lopez and Jigo Garcia.

Working Girls

Jose Javier Reyes, direction/Tony Gloria & Jose Javier Reyes, story/Jose Javier Reyes, screenplay/Rodolfo Y. Aves, Jr., cinematography/Gerry Santos, production design/Albert MichaeI Idioma & Addis B. Tabong, sound/Jesse Lucas, music score/Claire Villareal, editing/Casting:Eugene Domingo, Iza Calzado, Jennylyn Mercado, Christine Reyes, Eula Valdez, Bianca King, Ruffa Gutierrez, Carmi Martin, Rio Locsin, Ma. Isabel Lopez, Gina Pareno, Antonio Aquitania, Katya Santos, Ricky Davao.

Two Funerals

Gil M. Portes, direction/Gil M. Portes & Enrique V. Ramos, story/Enrique V. Ramos, screenplay/Arvin Viola, cinematography/Jun Distajo, production design/Albert Michael Idioma & Addis Tabong, sound/Tonton P. Africa, music score/Chrisel Desuasido, editing/casting:Tessie Tomas, Xian Lim, Jeffrey Quizon, Robert Arevalo, Mon Confiado, John Apacible, Benjie Felipe.

The citers who attended the first three days of preview included:

Directors—Leonardo Belen, Macky Derpo, Lou Jic Jarlego, Baldo Marro, Erastheo ‘Baby’ Navoa, Bert Ortega and Cloyd Robinson.

Scriptwriters—Vic Dabao, Lita Duguran, Dionisio Galang, Dhel B. Horrest, Ted June Reyes, Gabriel Santos, Isabel Sebullen and Alex Socorro.

Cinematographers—Arnold Alvaro, Romulo Araojo, Roger Baruelo, Jun Dalawis, Ramon Marcelino, Marcos ‘Jun’ Rasca, Isagani Sioson and Renato de Vera.

Editors—Cornelio Crisostomo, Danilo Gloria, Jose Mendoza, Mario Mendoza, Patrick Mendoza, Xever Ramos, Rudy Tabotabo and Arcadio Vinarao.

Production Designers—Fritz Silorio and Vic Villavicencio.

Music scorers—Ernie Cruz, Jaybee Garlan, Jun Garlan, Brando Juan, Mar Lopez, Emil Lozenada, Pablo Vergara and Domingo Zafe.

Sound—Tony Benavidez, Greg Ella, Salvador Mendoza and Albert Rima.

Performance—Archi Adamos and Bert Vivar.

Non-category—Assistant directors/production managers: Robert Abihay, Joel Apuyan, Evelyn Baruelo, Zan Garduce, Dante Kabigting, Romy Opulencia, Tony Ramos and Kelvin Jay Roxas.

Citers on the 3rd screening day

The second tier of previewers, the nominators, will have a timetable of January 20 to February 5 to evaluate the 10 or so films selected by the citers. As in previous years, peers will be judging peers, meaning director-citers or nominators will consider works of directors while scriptwriter-citers or nominators will pick the possible nominees for best screenplay for 2010. And so forth down the line of film artists and technicians.

The nominators will hand down the final lists of nominees in the 12 categories by February 19 and voters, who unlike the citers and nominators, will select the final winners in all categories, will view the nominated films from February 21 to March 18.

The tentative schedule for the 29th Luna Awards is April 4, 2011.

The Academy will resume giving out awards for distinguished achievements in local films after a two-year hiatus.

Due to financial problems brought about by the big slash in the Academy’s share in the annual Metropolitan Manila Film Festival (Philippines) amusement tax rebate, the 27th Luna awards (for films shown in 2008) and 28th Luna Awards (for films shown in 2009) were not staged.

Winners for the 27th Luna Awards were, however, already decided by the Academy voters but are still kept confidential with the FAP’s accounting agency. The winners will receive their trophies during the 29th Luna Awards staging in April, 2011.

The last awards held by the Academy was the 26th Luna Awards (for films shown in 2007) which was held at the Mandarin Oriental Suites of the Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City on February 8, 2009 with the financial assistance of the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

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