Dec 03
FAP SHARE OF MMFFP PROCEEDS INCREASED by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Dec 3, 2010

President Aquino has ordered a revised distribution of the Metro Manila Film Festival proceeds which increased the share of the Film Academy of the Philippines from 10 to 20 percent, effective his year.

The directive was contained in a memorandum from Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr. to Chairman Francis N. Tolentino of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, dated November 22, 2010.

The distribution of the amusement tax proceeds will be:

Film Academy of the Philippines 20%
Motion Picture Anti-Film Piracy Council 20%
Optical Media Board 5%
Film Development Council of the Philippines 5%

The new sharing removed the Presidential Social Fund from the list of beneficiaries.

Since the year 2006, the sharing scheme was as follows: MOWELFUND and the Presidential Social Fund, 35% each; the Academy and the FDCP, 10% each; and the Anti-Film Piracy Council and the OMB, 5% each.

But even before this, the sharing had MOWELFUND, FAP and the Anti-Film Piracy Council getting 30% each with the remaining 10% going to the Presidential Social Fund.

That severe slash caught the Academy offguard with its share dwindling to P1,150,000 from the previous year’s share of P7,300,000. With a very limited budget, the Academy failed to stage its Luna awards for the years 2008 and 2009.

Because of the severe cut, FAP was forced to effect survival measures. Educational programs for filmworkers had be put on hold because creative and technical workshops particularly on new film technologies need budgets.

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