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TARGET FOR 29TH LUNA AWARDS: APRIL 2011 by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Nov 9, 2010

The Film Academy of the Philippines will resume giving out awards for distinguished achievements in local films in April next year. This will be the 29th Luna Awards for films shown in 2010.

Due to financial problems brought about by the big slash in the Academy’s share in the annual Metropolitan Manila Film Festival (Philippines) amusement tax rebate, the 27th Luna awards (for films shown in 2008) and 28th Luna Awards (for films shown in 2009) were not staged.

Winners for the 27th Luna Awards were, however, already decided by the Academy voters but are still kept confidential with the FAP’s accounting agency. The winners will receive their trophies during the 29th Luna Awards staging in April, 2011.

The last awards held by the Academy was the 26th Luna Awards (for films shown in 2007) which was held at the Mandarin Oriental Suites of the Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City on February 8, 2009 with the financial assistance of the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

The 29th Luna Awards will still follow the three-tier review by citers, nominators and voters. The citers will review the 30 or so films under consideration, mostly those rated A or B by the Cinema Evaluation Board of the FDCP. The guilds’ citers will only choose possible nominees in their own areas of concerns, meaning directors will choose best director probables, scriptwriters will cite best scriptwriter candidates, and so on down the line.

The citers’ lists (usually ten… or more for performance categories) then go to the nominators who are still solely concerned with their area of expertise. The nominators draw up the final list of nominees.

The entire nominees’ list goes to the voters who vote for all categories involved.

The FAP Secretariat is now in the process of confirming the availability of citers, nominators and voters. DVD copies of films to be considered are now being borrowed from producers.

The citers will most probably review the CEB-rated A or B films. From January to September this year, these are the films rated by the CEB:

Rated A—Sagrada Familia (Legalas Entertainment); The Red Shoes (Unitel Productions Inc.); Bakal Boys (Starca Films/Apogee Productions); Noy (Star Cinema/Cinemedia Film Productions); Emir (Viva Films/FDCP/CCP); Sa ‘Yo Lamang (Star Cinema); and Two Funerals (Teamwork Productions).

Rated B—Paano na Kaya? (Star Cinema); Miss You Like Crazy (Star Cinema); Babe, I Love You (Star Cinema); Working Girls (Viva Films/GMA Films/Unitel); You To Me Are Everything (Regal Entertainment/GMA Films); Here Comes the Bride (Star Cinema/OctoArts/Quantum); I’ll Be There (Star Cinema); Cinco (Star Cinema); Hating Kapatid (Viva Films); and In Your Eyes (Viva Films/GMA Films).

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