Oct 15
FAP FILM SCHOOL/FILM GYM by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Oct 15, 2010

The Film Academy of the Philippines will soon offer a year-round series of affordable workshops to provide a kind of film gym where aspiring filmmakers can keep practicing shooting films, editing videos or making thesis or personal films.

This was announced this week by FAP Director General Leo G. Martinez who stressed that film education and the professionalization of the movie industry’s artists and technicians are the principal mandates of the Academy.

Martinez said that FAP will initially conduct a survey on those interested to avail themselves of this film gym program. Lightheartedly referring to those interested as the possible first batch of film gymnasts, he singled out close family members (preferably sons and daughters) of the officers of all guilds under FAP.

He assured that the film gym will be expanded to accommodate film school graduates or students and possibly the children of all guild members of the Academy.

But the first step will be for those children of guild officers to signify their intention to avail of the film gym program by filing their application forms at the Academy office at the OctoArts building (behind the National Book Store on Panay Avenue).

The proposal for a FAP Film School (or Film Gym) includes a Vision Fulfillment Strategy which reads in part:

“We will offer an all-year-round continuing series of affordable practicum-oriented workshops within a progressive training system, to a wider base of students and professionals of various disciplines. In addition, towards making the FAP Film School a dynamic hub for the envisioned film community, we will:

1. Provide a kind of Film Gym for aspiring filmmakers to practice, and keep practicing continuously all-year-round (constantly shooting and editing practice videos to hone and refine their skills, or making their thesis or personal films);

2. Provide a venue for viewing and analyzing of illustrative films, with invited professional filmmakers as resource persons for forum discussions to better grasp the creative uses of all the cinematic elements from script, direction, cinematography, production design, sound to editing, etc.;
3. Build a film library;

4. Organize and provide the venue for student film festivals to showcase the best works of the students, as well as feature these in our website for the whole world to see;

5. Offer to more advanced students, specialized workshops on directing, cinematography and lighting, sound production, editing, scriptwriting, production management, production design, etc. that will be done in close coordination with the corresponding guilds;

6. Provide an apprenticeship program where advanced students will be given the opportunity to actually work with professional filmmakers in actual productions to help hasten their entry into the industry;

7. Produce video documentaries focused on making people better appreciate the movie industry, including docus on leading filmmakers of the industry to provide a testament to their unique philosophies and insights to their creative approaches to the Art of Film for serious film students as well as for future generations to appreciate.

Martinez said that the Academy had been weighed down by financial problems brought about by its dwindling share in the amusement tax rebate from the Metro Manila filmfests for the past years.

He, however, said that the Academy had a timely financial shot in the arm when Quezon City mayor Herbert Bautista handed over P5 million in accumulated cultural tax shares of the Academy.