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ESPERANZA by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Aug 27, 2010

Another Pinay talent is waiting to be discovered. As what her drumbeaters proclaim, Esperanza can sing, Esperanza can dance, Esperanza can act.

Born and raised in Canada, Esperanza plans to settle here if things would go according to her plan. The daughter of a Filipino father and a Chilean mother, Esperanza is loaded with her own brand of entertainment.

First in her list is the Flamenco, a dance that originated in Spain’s province of Andalusia. To a layman, Flamenco appears like a style of ballet with steps and movements mostly depicting or demonstrating a story.

And not to be outmoded, Esperanza learned hip hop dance steps. After gaining confidence with hip hop, she started handling choreography work. She said that it’s enjoyable to work with young dancers.

To utilize her good voice, Esperanza dabbled in singing during her leisure time, not only for sheer enjoyment but also to earn income as a semi-professional singer. She had frequented mostly cafes and bars in Toronto and Montreal. That’s how she was discovered, so to speak.

Used to the freezing weather in Canada, Esperanza is trying her best to cope with our warm climate.

Later on, Esperanza would be joining Southern Mountain, a jazz and rhythm and blues band composed of American and European musicians. This was during her work assignment in South Korea.

Poetry reading is another part of Esperanza’s repertoire. Reading poetry requires a lot of effort. As they say, everyone can read poems but reading poetry is a serious matter.

Poetry readers need to establish a solid connection with the audience in order to be effective. More so if the audience is a group of children. The reader can be likened to an actor with a mastery of his voice modulation and projection of emotions.

On the personal side, Esperanza speaks 4 languages – English, French, Spanish, Korean. Unexpectedly, she doesn’t speak Filipino but she hastily added that she is, right now, in the learning process to speak Tagalog.

Esperanza is a vegetarian. She may not admit it but probably that’s the main reason for her svelte figure. On going vegetarian, she sometimes miss the meat but her awareness for health always prevails in any situation.

With a body of a model, it’s not surprising to know that Esperanza also steps on the ramp. Although her modelling is on a minimum, because she loves the performing arts more, Esperanza doesn’t close her door to a modeling career.

Although Esperanza’s inclination is in the performing arts, she had finished a course on Communications and Culture Studies. Her love for the stage was cultivated in Toronto where she had joined the Chorus Line. She had also performed as an actress in several theater productions of Romeo and Juliet, The Blues Brothers and Grease.

After graduation from a Toronto college, Esperanza moved to Montreal for the furtherance of her artistic ambition. Aside from co-hosting, she also assumed the functions of the production manager of The Ledge, a radio program of McGill University radio station.

For the stage in Montreal, she was a dancer and singer in Man of La Mancha musical theater production. She also conceptualized and organized Flamenco Circus, a performance art show.

For 3 years, Esperanza worked as an editor of an English publication firm in South Korea. She also taught basic English in a tutorial school there. And searching an artistic outlet during her leisure hours, that’s where she met the jazz band Southern Mountain.

Esperanza likes the hospitality of the Filipinos and especially the accommodating attitude of new found friends.

Aside from Canada and Korea, Esperanza had also lived in Santiago, the capital city of Chile. There, she had been a vocalist for music events. Esperanza also was a dancer of Toximetro, a rock band playing at La Batuta concert hall.

The theater in Santiago was another conquest of Esperanza. After being in the cast in minor roles, she later became a lead actress for Taming of the Shrew, a Shakespearean play for the theater production.

Aside from a band vocalist in Seoul, South Korea, Esperanza was also part of a hip hop dance group performing in various events. She was also invited as main speaker for Seoul’s annual Wild Women’s performing arts festival.

Bursting with talent, this Latina beauty has a right to claim space in the local entertainment. She’s every inch a Filipina anyway.

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