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WHAT’S REALLY KILLING THE MOVIES by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Aug 13, 2010

Part 2

The availability of various applications to the internet users, mostly for free, gives the internet a big edge as regards gathering of audience. Take note of the word free because the vast majority of treats in the internet are free.

Email or electronic mailing is a free facility where practically anyone can open an account for an email box to facilitate sending and receiving messages. Email messages are now capable of attachments which can include photograps, audio files and even videos up to 10 megabytes.

The social networking site, like Facebook, Friendster, Myspace or Multiply, is another free facility for anyone to have an account for connecting to people. Once connected, anything you post can be read by your connections (friends).

Facebook offers applications like games, polls and other interesting activities to its more than 500 million members. Farmville, a computer game similar to tamagochi, where a player plants and tends virtual animals, is a current hit with the senior citizens.

Finding people in social networking sites is a breeze. All you have to do is search the person by his name and if that person has an account then you may recognize him by his photograph. It’s a nice venue to reunite with long lost friends or relatives.

Chatting is an internet activity where one can engage a friend to exchange messages interactively. But not only thru the keyboard because a cheap web camera can provide interactive video and audio as if you are using a video phone.

The internet Forum is another way of exchanging messages. Most of the forums, however, have a central concept that binds the members. For instance, the forum of the FAP website caters to members who are fond of movies, television and other entertainment areas.

Another forum-like social connection in the internet is the e-group, an electronic club linking emails among members. The most popular of the e-group is that one offered by

What makes it attractive for users to create a social networking account and engage in chat or forum is the benefit of anonymity. A user has the liberty to use any name (provided it is available) so his real identity can be hidden. Sometimes they even post bogus photographs in their account profile.

The latest craze in the internet is where a user can post and read short messages of up to 127 characters only. Members can create a circle called followers. Unlike chat, Tweeting is not an interactive thing. But users with Twitter accounts normally check for tweets continually, about 5 times a day.

And not to forget, the internet is a vast container of information. Google, the fastest search engine, is a tool to find information that’s loaded in the internet like people, historical data, trivia and other knowledge that used to inhabit the encyclopedia.

With the latest preoccupation of internet habitues in creating youtube sensations like Justin Bieber and his ilk, the number of video uploaders in the internet is on the rise. Youtube ( is the largest repository of videos for public consumption.

Considering that some digital cameras have built-in editing functions, it’s so easy to create an MTV or even a short movie (popularly called home movie) that can be uploaded for the appreciation of youtube viewers.

A big plus factor for internet movies is the laxity or lack of censorship. Pornography is perennially in progress to the delight of sexually-conscious users. There’s no concrete restrictions for topics pertaining to politics, violence, racial or religious issues.

The art of blogging is another time-consuming internet activity. Anyone can exercise the freedom of expression by creating an account in any blog host like It then affords one to write down whatever he wants, can be a diary of simple observations. Blog came from the word web log.

Bloggers earn from the advertisements that they post on their blogs. Provided they have a good number of readers, advertisers come in to be included in their blog pages. Googles’s Adsense is similar to an advertising agency which handles internet advertising.

Other facilities available in the internet is the existence of newspaper versions. All you have to do is jump to the appropriate website and you can instantly read the Manila Bulletin, Philippine Inquirer or Philippine Star.

Radio streaming is another competition of the movies. Particularly for the sound trippers, carriers of portable computing devices are afforded free music.

It used to be Innovate or Stagnate but in the case of the movies, it is Innovate or Die. But instead of complaining, the movie industry should start thinking of how to make movie-watching a more worthwhile endeavor for families or bigger groups.

The Last Airbender, a foreign 3D movie, was used as a selling point of a computer remarketer. They rented one showing in the Cinema 5 of Eastwood Theaters then distributed the tickets free to their clients.

In the same vein, Ruffa Gutierrez had rented a theater in Greenbelt for the benefit of her close friends. It was for the exclusive showing of In My Life in September 2009, the movie featuring Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano and John Lloyd Cruz.

Another gimmick worth trying is the presence of the cast. If there is an assurance that a movie-goer would surely see the movie’s cast in the theater lobby perhaps enthusiasm would be greater.

There are many ways to skin a cat. Weaning movie-goers away from the internet is a tall order but it can be done. People are now realizing the stress they get from excessive use of the cellphone and the computer particularly the internet. It’s just a matter of time or a matter of good PR (public relations).

In summary, the movies is losing the war to communications technology. And with the rapid advancement of the competition, mountain to climb gets higher and higher as time goes by unless innovation is in progress.

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