May 28
MPAFPC AGENTS MONITOR CINEMAHOUSES by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, May 28, 2010

To combat film piracy through camcording in cinemahouses, the Motion Picture Anti-Film Piracy Council has been assigning agents to monitor showing of both foreign and local films in Metro Manila.

For the commercial exhibition of Prince of Persia which started being shown on May 27, the MPAFPC assigned at least 40 authorized agents to conduct monitoring assignments and thus prove effective deterrents to would-be film pirates.

A monitoring agent wears a uniform vest and night-vision goggles and carries an authorization letter from the Council, Du explained. In case of detection of film piracy acts, agents must turn over suspects to security guards of the cinemahouses, he added.

According to Dominic Du, MPAFPC vice-president for administration and internal affairs, their agents also work in coordination with security and monitoring employees of the foreign production showing the film being safeguarded.

The Council usually send out monitoring agents when foreign films are shown simultaneously—or even shown in advance by two or three days like Iron Man—or during the booking of big-budgeted local films.

Du said that this preventive program has in a way contributed to the good news that the Philippines is not anymore the number one country in the list of film piracy violations.

The MPAFPC is actually an organization of film producers tasked to assist the Optical Media Board, the official government agency, in the anti-film piracy campaign.

The Council is one of the six subsidiaries of amusement tax rebates during the annual Metro Manila Film Festival.

The Council’s board of directors also include: Roesholm Camaligan, president; Wilson Tieng, vice-president for external affairs; William Lao, vice-president for operations; Orlando Ilacad, treasurer; Leonardo Monteverde, chairman; and Manuel Nuqui, vice-chairman.

Other members of the boards are Robert Yang, Ng Meng Tam, Rolando Duenas and Robbie Tan.

The member associations are the National Cinema Association of the Philippines (NCAP); the Philippine Motion Pictures Producers Association (PMPPA); the Movie Producers & Distributors Association of the Philippines (MPDAP); the Greater Manila Theaters Association (GMTA); and the Metro Manila Theaters Association (MMTA).

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