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TWIN-KLE, TWIN-KLE STARS! by Mon Nepomuceno Orbeta  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, May 21, 2010

Philippines Showbiz has been here for so many decades now but inspite of the innumerable stars that lit the silver screen and tube, it has seldom produced “twin stars”.

During the 1970’s, the most famous identical twins who graced our televisions with their synchronized high-leaping dance routines were Teri and Laly, known as the Aldeguer Sisters. This dancing Icon duo has migrated to the United States and continued their love for their craft by putting up dance schools.

In the 80’s, another twin sisters. Also dancers, captured the heart of the Filipino TV viewers. They were cute little girls known as the WEA Twins who swayed and moved vibrantly like their grown up counterparts. This Twin suddenly stayed away from the limelight and never been seen for so many years, but just recently to their fans delight, they suddenly wore again their dancing shoes and appeared in Lucy Torres’ Eezy Dancing.

In the late 80’s, another identical twins appeared in Philippine show business—adorable cute little boys who were called “Richard and Raymond”. Their parents are the former matinee idol Eddie Gutierrez and former sexy star Annabelle Rama, who decided to return to the Philippines after staying in the U.S. for quite a while.

Richard and Raymond appeared in several movies such as Lahing Pikutin (1987); One Two Bato, Three Four Bapor; Juan Tanga, Super Naman at ang Kambal na Tiyanak (1988); Feel na Feel (1989) and Takbo Talon Tili (1992).

As Richard and Raymond grew up, their individual showbiz careers varied from each other—the former concentrating in acting and the latter focusing on emceeing and hosting.

Nowadays, Raymond Gutierrez has done several hosting jobs and is currently one of the hosts of the showbiz-oriented talk show Showbiz Central and Party Pilipinas in GMA7, and Living It Up in Qtv 11.

On the other hand, Richard Gutierrez has emerged as one of the hottest matinee idols. He is now very active as an actor in movies and television, as well as a commercial model.

He gained his popularity by playing the character of Aguiluz of the Fantasy TV series Mulawin of GMA7 with Angel Locsin as his co-star. The series was a huge success that it was even made into a full-length movie. Since then, Richard became one of the hottest lead male stars of Kapuso Network and he played the part of the lead roles in Sugo, Kamandag, Codename: Asero, Zorro, Lupin, Full House and Captain Barbell.

Richard Gutierrez has also done hosting jobs like Signos, Full Force of Nature and Planet Philippines. He is currently one of the hosts of Party Pilipinas and soon, Survivor Philippines, Celebrity Edition.

In 2006, another twin brothers emerged. They are Dominic and Felix who are proving to be both as versatile and as good as their father who is non-other than the award winning actor Bembol Roco.

Felix and Dominic are former ABS-CBN Star Magic Batch 13 members. Their first TV show was Super Inggo, where Dominic and Felix played JP and PJ, both are suitors of one of the female stars of the show.

After that, they joined GMA7 and appeared in Fantastikids with Marky Cielo (R.I.P.), SOP Gigsters , Zorro, Kamandag and Super-twins (Starring Jennilyn Mercado and Nadine Samonte with now very popular Marian Rivera who played the role of Super twins’ mom).

They also appeared in films such as Otso-otso Pamela-mela Wan, Shake, Rattle & Roll XI (segment “Lamang Lupa”) and Love on Line (LOL).

Felix has appeared in other shows like Darna, Daisy Siete’s Prince Charming and the Seven Maids and Tabachingching, and in some movies without his twin brother such as Sagrada Familia, Dukot , Engkwentro and U.P.C.A.T.

In 2003, there was also another twin discovered through a contest-search on television and they are called the Jaboom Twins. Jaboom Twins is the combined names of Jaja Gonzales and Boomboom Gonzales, and they were able to enter showbiz by winning the Ponds Soft Skin Search. They have been part of ABS-CBN’s Magandang Tanghali Bayan. They were chosen for the TV Commercial of Rejoice Shampoo and they also sang the jingle of the said commercial entitled Sumusunod Sa Galaw which was eventually revived by Sandara Park (ABS-CBN former talent who is now in Korea and part of a singing group 2NE1)

We could really say that “Twin stars” are really rare, but most probably and hopefully soon; not only one but two twins will be part of Philippines Showbiz. And they are the adorable twins of Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi—Cassy (Maria Cassandra) and Mavy (Maverick Peter), and the lovable babies of Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, Andres and Atasha.

Apparently, these twins are following the footsteps of their parents. In fact, both twins have started appearing in several TV commercials, and in addition to that, it may sound cliché but indeed it runs in the blood. Right?

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