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PRODUCERS REMINDED OF JUNE 15 DEADLINE FOR MMFF-P SCRIPTS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, May 7, 2010

Producers who plan to participate in the 2010 Metropolitan Manila Film Festival (Philippines) are reminded that the deadline for submission of screenplays and the casting of possible entries of their films is June 15.

According to the executive committee of the 2010 MMFF-P, the screening committee will read the scripts from June 15 to 24 and after deliberations, announce the eight official entries on June 25.

The execom advised producers to finalize their cast of actors and actresses and the production staff as early as possible. It also reminded that a new rule drawn up by the execom now limits each director to just one selected entry each though he can submit two or more scripts for consideration.

The 2010 Filmfest will still be open for eight official entries. Last year, there were just seven entries because two selected films withdrew, forcing the Execom to allow the showing of I Love You…Goodbye which was number 9 in the ranking of scripts.

The rationale behind the one director-one film rule is to avoid delays caused by the fact that a single director is hard-pressed finishing two or more films before the deadline for submission of prints.

The forthcoming filmfest will be the first to be launched by new MMDA Chairman Oscar Inocentes who this early has called for a revision of the criteria in the selection of the best film that will be based on artistic considerations rather than the box office performance.

The revised calendar also included the following:

July 15 – Submission of detailed final filmography charts of the eight entries

Nov. 16 – Submission of minimum 80 trailers, five posters and three copies of the DVD of the posters per official entry

Dec. 10 – Submission of graded (timed) prints in 35 mm format

Dec. 13 – Submission of joint certifications with laboratories concerned that prints needed to service the theatres shall be made available on time

Dec. 14-17 – Screening of the official entries by the Board of Jurors and representatives from the selection committee

Dec. 24 – Parade of Stars

Dec. 28 – 2010 MMFF awards night

Feb. 25, 2011 – Joint appreciation dinner for MMFF 2010 and launching of MMFF 2011. Submission of three DVD copies of final print.

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