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DOON FORUM SA AMIN by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Apr 23, 2010

IT for Information Technology and now it is ICT for Information and Communications Technology.

Indeed, the computer and the internet go hand in hand, not only for serious business purposes but also for amusement and entertainment. And part of entertainment is the virtual social life that the internet has to offer.

It used to be Friendster but now the in thing is Facebook. The user creates an account where he could post his photo and bio then waits for other Facebook users to invite him. Or maybe he can search inside the Face-book site and invite users to his account. A user is allowed to have up to 5,000 friends.

What makes Facebook attractive is its chat facility where a user, once logged in, can communicate interactively with his friends. Exchanging of messages within the website is very common among the youth members of Facebook.

Social networking is not limited to Friendster, Facebook, Myspace, Multiply and some other social networking sites. There’s also a thing called forum.

For the benefit of the uninitiated, an internet forum is like a bulletin board where a member can post a message. Normally, the forum contains several boards that each represents a category. Messages are posted in threads or topics inside a board. In a very dynamic forum, members exchange messages interactively, similar to chatting.

The FAP website had installed a forum facility a few years ago. It was mediocre for a time until a member named Luckycharm joined in. According to other forum members, Luckycharm is like a showbiz encyclopedia. Moreover, he posts personal accounts such as interesting anecdotes of himself and of his siblings.

That’s the reason why we know that Luckycharm is an OFW in Qatar. Before he stopped posting, Luckycharm had informed the forum that his wife and kid would be joining him. As we had gathered, Luckycharm is still in Qatar with his wife and 2 kids now.

For quite a time, Hans Kianti was a star because of his showbiz trivias. For a list of who’s who or top ten, it was the territory of Hans (whose gender was not clearly indicated in his profile). Hans had intimated that he would soon be coming out with a book on movie stars.

Madam Showbiz has been a mainstay of the forum for the longest time. Sometimes conservative but most of the time tactful and sharp with her stinging posts, Madam is a forum star in her own right. She’s the starter of the most readable threads like Currents and Intriga by posting controversial information.

So far, Madam is the most prolific in terms of posting. She has logged more than 2,700 posts. What makes her posts interesting is her use of “palaka” or frog in describing the people around her. She also posts opinions of her friends and house companions by using frog monikers to be more amusing.

Rafraf used to be an ordinary forum member but had changed color when he got a job in a call center. His flamboyant English with shallow vocabulary but complex sentences made Rafraf a blogger to watch. In contrast to the style of Madam with her frogs, Rafraf employs the witty reference to his grandmother in driving home his point.

Owing to their dedication to the forum, both Madam and Rafraf were appointed administrators last year. A forum admin takes care of the spammers and indecent posts. The FAPWEB forum gets an average of 2 spams daily.

Other FAPWEB forum stalwarts are Nova, Tintin, Chonggo and Alasander. Obviously, Nova is part of the admin group. Tintin is presumably a girl in her teens who is not a die-hard fan of movies. But Tintin can sometimes join an intelligent conversation. Chonggo is a one-liner blogger but, more often, with sharp words to express his deliberate sarcasm. Alasander takes care of the humor part with mostly original jokes.

With the disappearance of Hans Kianti and Luckycharm last year, the forum was sustained by Madam and her friends plus a die-hard fan of Maricel Soriano with the username Tomadachi. A she, Tomadachi posts mostly photos of Maricel to lend the forum an aesthetic touch.

Of late, interesting and prolific bloggers have joined the FAPWEB forum.

Rekdi, apparently a film director, posts serious matters and detests negative thoughts especially about the movies. His posts also show his deep concern for the dying movie industry. However, Rekdi had ceased posting without warning.

Kababalaghan, what a name he uses, appears to be a veteran movie fan with his trivia and lists. A Palanca winner, says he, Kababalaghan delves into the realm of occult and unexplainable things. He has a thread with long running stories similar to the komiks of the past.

Gabriel the Messenger is another kilometric username so he offers GTM as a short cut for convenience. He had registered more than a year ago but he had started posting seriously only in the earlier part of this year. GTM, it seems, is a jack of all trades when it comes to knowledge. From religion to humor and to entertainment, GTM never fails to contribute.

Another interesting aspect in GTM is his style of writing with double spacing and using words like he is talking to you. Aside from some pictures he includes in his messages, GTM sometimes adds links for his preferred background music.

Other minor characters in the forum are SmartLittleGirl, Malabobo, Mr. Gellybean and some others with less than 10 posts. It is intriguing to learn that the forum has a membership of more than 7,000 to date with daily hits of more than 5,000.

For those interested to join the forum, drop by www.filmacademyphil.org and click on the “forum” button on the top panel. In the forum frontpage, click the word register. Fill up the form with your desired username and email then the confirmation will be automatically sent to your email address. And after that, you can stroll inside the forum boards and post your opinion.

Happy posting!

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