Apr 16
EARLY VOTING FOR MEDIA MEMBERS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Apr 16, 2010

The party list Alyansa ng Media at Showbiz has petitioned the Comelec to allow media members to avail of early voting privileges. The AMS also requested the poll body to act on the petition as early as possible.

The AMS filed the petition last Wednesday, April 14, even as it is deep in campaigning. The three nominees of the AMS are broadcaster Rolly Gonzalo, Dr. Manny Calayan and movie/tv actor Leo Martinez

The AMS petition emphasizes that “the worst thing that could happen to a citizen of the Philippines is voting disenfranchisement.”

Media member, from reporters to cameramen and photographers, are expected to cover the May 10 elections on a 24-hour basis and might not find the time to vote.

Inasmuch as policemen and military men on duty during election day and even teachers who will be manning the polling precincts are allowed to vote, it is but natural that media members too must not be deprived of their right to elect their officials.

The AMS petition was based on the news that three to four days before May 10, the COMELEC will already be sending or delivering all the PCOS machine to all the designated polling precincts. The PCOS machines will be subjected to a system test, including mock voting.

Considering that media members are already present when the PCOS machines are already in place, the AMS requested that media members be allowed to vote during such time.

The AMS aims to work for the marginalized sectors—the unsung workers and little people who are involved in running our various tri-media networks (press, broadcast and TV) and the entertainment fields in local showbiz, from movies to stage, etc.

It is also committed to the basic freedom of expression that both media and showbiz must uphold to ensure that our citizens will fully enjoy their rights to be informed and entertained. In this sense, the AMS also aims to serve the general public and not only the marginalized sectors it will represent in the House of Representatives.

The AMS has initially targeted a four-point program of action that will focus on housing, health care, livelihood and scholarship for members of media and showbiz and their dependents.

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