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SEX SYMBOLS: AN ALPHABET by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Dec 30, 2005

By Tante de Ramos

Local movies have seen a long line of performers make their passage through its landscape of cinematic stardom. Dramatic actors and actresses, as well as action stars, comprise the majority of those who made their mark. There are fewer comedians and comediennes but they are a substantial lot nonetheless. Sexy stars are not left behind if numbers is concerned.

Movie trivia writer Tante de Ramos comes up with his third alphabet of actresses who are and were sex symbols. Earlier, he wrote about sex nymphets and studs.Here is his list of 42 sex goddesses:

Priscilla Almeda – Her first screen name was Abby Viduya and she appeared in teen-oriented films with the Guwapings of Douglas Quijano (Mark Anthony Fernandez, Jomari Yllana and Eric Fructuoso). The change of screen name coincided with her decision to tackle more mature roles. At Seiko Films, she appeared in the film Machete with Cesar Montano, Gardo Versoza and Rosanna Roces. She also starred in Sariwa and Halimuyak ng Babae . In Exploitation , she starred opposite Isko Moreno and Fernando Montenegro. In Huwag kang Kikibo, Diyos ang Hihipo, she appeared opposite Raymond Bagatsing, and opposite Tonton Gutierez and Eddie Garcia in Syota ng Bayan. But her most daring film was Sutla , directed by Romy Suzara, whose theatrical exhibition was ordered stopped by the MTRCB and its permit recalled.

Allona Amor – Another Seiko Films mainstay, she made the film Itlog with co-stars Diana Zubiri, Celso Ad. Castillo, Rodel Velayo and Winston Elizalde. The film was directed by Francis ‘Jun’ Posadas . In Tag-init , she appeared with Alma Concepcion, Maria Isabel Lopez, Carina Zobel, Czarina Polman, Allan Paule, John Apacible and Russel Simon.

Amanda Amores – Another bold film star, she did Hudas with Bobby Benitez and the late Romy Diaz.

Tet Antiquera – A morena beauty who entered the film industry in the heydays of the bold genre, she was initially a favorite star of Director Cloyd Robinson. She was among the film personalities who died in 2005.

Brandy Ayala – Among the batch of bold stars whose screen names were derived from softdrinks and liquors, Brandy Ayala also made her mark, though briefly, during the ST era. She made some movies for independent producers.

Avon Cortez – Another bold star who emerged during a period when bold stars became a dime-a-dozen commodities, she also concentrated on making movies for independent producers.

Sarsi Emmanuelle – One of the bold stars who were able to work under respected and award-winning directors which set her apart from the other sexy stars. She was the lead star in Boatman , a film by Director Tikoy Aguiluz. She was an Urian award nominee for her role in this film but eventually lost to Vilma Santos who essayed the role of an activist nun in Sister Stella L . In the bio-pic of Yvonne, an earlier bomba star, she tied for the Urian’s best supporting actress award with Maya ‘Mitch’ Valdez . She also made Virgin Forest under Director Peque Gallaga and Naked City under Director Romy Suzara in the 80’s. She also made several pictures under Director Celso Ad. Castillo.

Merle Fernandez – A sister of Rudy Fernandez, she was the first sex symbol who made it big. In the breakthrough film Uhaw under Director Ruben Abalos, she ran naked in Escolta past midnight A daughter of LVN versatile Director Gregorio Fernandez, she can lay claim as the first ever bold superstar.

Yanni Garcia – Among the latest batches of bold stars who tend to form themselves into groups during the early years of the 21 st century, she appeared in Katas where she co-starred with fellow-boldstars Maye Tongco and Rajah Montero. She appeared in a comedy flick after a downturn in the rprduction of bold films becausae of the SM cinema circuit decision not to show R-rated films. She appeared last in Pasaway na Multo with former basketball star Bonnel Balingit.

Trixia Gomez – A pretty face who easily shifted from bold films to comedy films, she usually appeared in films opposite perennial screen partner Ernie Garcia.

Brigitte de Joya – Another Seiko Films contract star, she actually made only two bold films. The reason for her abrupt departure from the movies was her decision to settle down with Miguel Moreno, with whom she has three kids.

Klaudia Koronel – Another star who was able to make films under respected directors, she appeared in Linggo Lang ang Pahinga with Anton Bernardo, Gino Ilustre, Alma Soriano and newcomer Margarita Milan, which was written and directed by Director Humilde ‘Meek’ Roxas under Seiko Films. The same cast and staff also made Aanakan Kita again for Seiko Films. She also made films for Viva Films and Regal Films. One of these was a pito-pito project directed by Lav Diaz who received good reviews.

Natasha Ledesma – She appeared in the film Nene with Daniella in the title role. Their co-stars included Sabrina M., Allan de Dios, Roy Rodrigo, Allan Paule and Brandon Ramirez.

Emily Lloren – A discovery of Producer Jesse Ejercito, she first appeared in a film directed by Edgardo Reyes, a novelist and scriptwriter.

Maria Isabel Lopez – She was a Binibining Pilipinas title holder who tried to make it in the movies when the bold genre was proliferating. She starred in Dingding Lang ang Pagitan with Olivia Ortiz and Orestes Ojeda. She also appeared in the remake of Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa and Tag-init . She was the lead role in Hubo, a film directed by the late Director Tata Esteban (or Steve Paolo) which was shown at the Film Center .

Barbara Luna – Another brown beauty who appeared in some bold movies. She also became a popular commercial endorser.

Katherine Luna – With just one role, she already made her mark in the bold film landscape. She appeared in Ang Babae sa Breakwater with Gardo Versoza in a film produced by Entertainment Warehouse Inc. and directed by Director Mario O’Hara. In Angora Films’ Pagkagat ng Dilim, she appeared opposite Jay Manalo and Aleck Bovick with Director Jeffrey Jeturian helming an Armando ‘Bing’ Lao screenplay.

Sabrina M. – She appeared in the lead role in the bio-pic The Claudia Zobel Story . In Nene, which was topbilled by Daniella, she appeared opposite Natasha Ledesma, Allan de Dios, Roy Rodrigo, Allan Paule and Brandon Ramirez with the special participation of Gardo Versoza.

Cherry Madrigal – She is best remembered in the film Selos , where she had a sizzling lovescene with actor and now assistant director Bobby Benitez on top of a raft.

Myra Manibog – One of those who starred in bold films in her early teens in the 80’s.But she made the most impressive spiritual transition from bold star to a preacher whose main mission in life is to help people get closer to God.

Clarissa Mercado – She appeared in Mapanukso together with Tracy Torres, Emilio Garcia, JP Obligacion and Gerald Laurion for producer Sixto Dy of Leo Films.

Margarita Millan – She was introduced in the movie Linggo Lang ang Pahinga with co-stars Klaudia Koronel, Anton Bernardo, Alma Soriano and Gino Ilustre which was written and directed by Humilde ‘Meek’ Roxas under Seiko Films. In Kahit Saan Pwede, she proved her acting prowess opposite Leandro Baldemor and Gino Ilustre.

Olgna Miranda – Another flash-in-the-pan bold star, she appeared in Diwata.

Pyar Mirasol – She was in the cast of the film Paninda . In the movie Buko Pandan , she co-starred with Maricar de Mesa, Tonton Gutierrez and Paolo Rivero, under Director Uro Q. dela Cruz who also wrote the screenplay. This was produced by Jojo Galang of World Arts Cinema.

Maria Montes – Another beautiful morena, she made Batambata under Director Arsenio ‘Boots’ Bautista. She also appeared in a film with Olivia Ortiz.

Coca Nicolas – Another softdrinks beauty (together with Pepsi Paloma and Sarsi Emmanuel), she worked under Director Celso Ad. Castillo for several films, including Virgin People .

Olivia Ortiz – She was popular for her fresh and young looks. She starred in Dingding Lang ang Pagitan with Orestes Ojeda and Maria Isabel Lopez.

Rosanna Ortiz – She was one of those who started the bold trend in the 60’s. She became a fine actress when she won Asia ‘s Best Supporting Actress for the movie Patayin Mo Sa Sindak Si Barbara , directed by Celso Ad. Castilo. She also appeared in Ibong Adarna with Dolphy, Panchito Alba and Babalu as the three prince brothers. She was the reason for the sensational killing of a businessman’s son which sent Eddie Fernadez and Berting Labra to prison.

Pepsi Paloma – Like Sarsi and Coca, she also worked under Director Celso Ad. Castillo, for Virgin People . The three softdrink beauties comprised what seems to be one of the most successful team of bold stars who simultaneously hit the screen.

Halina Perez – She appeared in the movie Ikapitong Gloria with Leandro Baldemor. In Alyas Bomba Queen , Biglang Liko and Sex Files , she came under the direction of Director Joven Tan. She made Kiskisan with Gardo Versoza, Emilio Garcia, Allen Dizon, Red Riviera and Ana Capri which was also megged by Joven Tan for Starlight Films.

Czarina Polman – She was cast in Makamundo with Rose Valencia, Gardo Versoza and Joko Diaz. In the movie , she appeared opposite Maria Isabel Lopez, Alma Concepcion, Karina Zobel, John Apacible, Allan Paule and Russel Simon.

Scarlett Revilla – One of the most beautiful faces in the bold genre, she appeared in several movies with favorite leading actor Ricky Rogers.

Isabel Reyes – In the movie Balahibo , she appeared opposite Anton Bernardo and Dante Rivero, under Dirctor Mauro Gia Samonte for Seiko Films.

Jenny Roa – Another now-you-see-her-now-you-don’t bold stars, she quickly made an exit from the movies after a few films under one production company.

Rosanna Roces – The most successful ex-hospitality-girl who made her mark in the movies, she was also nurtured under Seiko Films. In Machete , she co-starred with Cesar Montano in the title role, Gardo Versoza and Priscilla Almeda. In Kiliti , she appeared with Eddie Garcia and Fernando Montenegro. Her favorite leading men were Leandro Baldemor and Jestoni Alarcon. She later made meaningful films under Director Carlitos Siguion-Reyna for Reynafilms, including Ang Lalaki sa Buhay ni Selya .

Carmen Ronda – She was a sex siren in the 70’s who appeared with Daria Ramirez in the movie Piknik . She married action star Rhene Imperial but they separated later on.

Stella Ruiz – She appeared in Ganti ng Puso with co-star Gando Cervantes. Now a recording company contract singer, she seems to be more successful in her singing career.

Joy Sumilang – One of those beauties with sexy bodies. She appeared in some sexy films on some years past. Reports appeared in several tabloid movie columns that she is related to matinee idol Romeo Vasquez.

Via Veloso – She was catapulted to stardom in the remake of Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop Sa Balat Ng Lupa . In Saranggani , she appeared opposite a bevy of studs.

Yvonne – She was among the many bold stars who rushed into showbiz in one surge. But she made her mark over the others. Such was her contribution to the bold genre that a film about her life was later produced when she was already out of the limelight.

Claudia Zobel – A Regal Film contract star who made films after films under Directors Elwood Perez and Joey Gosiengfiao, among others. She was a morena beauty who died in a violent car accident in Makati at the height of her career. Her life was made into a movie, The Claudia Zobel Story , with Sabrina M. in the title role.