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MMFF LAUNCH SIDELIGHTS by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Mar 12, 2010

Part 2

A plaque of appreciation was presented to OMB Chairman Ronnie Ricketts by MMDA Chairman Oscar Inocentes. The Recognition Award was for Ronnie’s effort in curtailing the piracy of local films during the festival period.

Ronnie Ricketts holding the plaque with Dinky Doo, Jr.

Another award was a plaque as Recognition Award to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for her unwavering support to the film festival. Given out by MMDA Chairman Inocentes, the plaque was received in behalf of the president by Assistant Secretary Marietta Tamondong.

MMDA Chairman Oscar Inocentes.

During dinner, the new MMDA audio-visual presentation was shown. It detailed the mission and vision of the present leadership and also some policies of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

The sumptuous Chinese laureate dinner was enjoyed by everyone especially the big mushrooms. Most tables were not fully occupied so the guests have an overabundance of the food which caused someone to quip, “Baka puwede ipabalot.”

Boots Anson Roa with the ladies

After dinner, the awarding of cash prizes to last year’s winners was administered by MMDA Chairman Oscar Inocentes. Marlon Bautista of Imus Productions received the cheque of 550,000 pesos for Panday’s best picture award. Mother Lily Monteverde also went up the stage to receive the cash prize for Mano Po 6, being the choice for Gatpuno Villegas Cultural Award.

FAP Director General Leo Martinez receiving the cheque

Another cash distribution was for the beneficiaries of the film festival. FAP Director General Leo Martinez received their share but was disappointed upon reading the amount of the cheque. “Ano ba ang mangyayari sa three hundred fifty thousand?” FAP used to get 7 million annually but now receives only one million.

It was a pity that one performer failed to sing the high notes when nothing came out of the performer’s voice box so the tune had go down an octave. It was unexpected because the performer is a singer and a noted one at that.

The hilarious act of the Big 3 Sullivans

Another performer committed the mistake of mentioning Ricky Reyes instead of Ronnie Ricketts, He did it not once but 3 times. But in fairness, the erring performer corrected himself on that matter before proceeding with his act.

For the non-performers on the stage, someone was heard saying (to mean) genre but pronounced it like the first 2 syllables of the word generosity. Maybe those who would go on the stage should be given a neat lesson on the movies so that simple but embarrassing mistake would be avoided.

Senator Bong Revilla using his celphone while being interviewed

Another slip was the wrong pronunciation of Say Alonso’s first name. It should be SAY as in ISAY. But the blunder was easily forgotten because Say proved that she could sing well and could project well especially with her pretty face.

Far away from the stage, a misspelled word on a sign was spotted and eventually corrected. Beneficiary it is and not benificiary.

Juris showing her charming smile

For an observance of social manners, a producer and a woman were spotted smoking inside the venue, right there on the table. Maybe they have to be reminded that smoking nowadays is allowed only in open air places.

And for the kilometric closing remarks, the speaker failed to take note of the suddenly dwindling crowd such that, obviously, it appeared no one was listening to him. Maybe next time they should make it 2 sentences long.

SM Theater’s Ric Camaligan, Solar boss Wilson Tieng, Undersecretary Robert Rivera

Overall, the launching of the 36th MMFF 2010 cum appreciation dinner for MMFF 2009 was a great success in terms of celebrity attendance, food, and especially entertainment.

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