Dec 23
NEW ADPM BOARD OF DIRECTORS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Dec 23, 2005

The Assistant Directors and Production Managers (ADPM) Guild of the Philippines has a new set of directors who were elected last Sunday, December 18, at the Film Academy of the Philippines office at Octoarts bldg., Panay Avenue, Quezon City. The elected officers—including nine incumbent and two new members—will serve up to May 2007.

The nine winning board members will elect the officers for the next term from among themselves in January next year.

The elected board members are (according to votes garnered): incumbent president Antonio D. Ramos (30 votes); incumbent vice-president Joel B. Apuyan (29); incumbent director Bobby Benitez (29); incumbent secretary Florante ‘Boy’ Dionisio (25); incumbent director Dante Kabigting (25); new director Joe Jardi (22); incumbent treasurer Evelyn Baruelo (21); incumbent director Robert Abihay (18); incumbent director Elpidio Mariscotes (17); new director Andy Andico; and incumbent director Delfin Pante (17).

Two incumbent directors, auditor Tomas Torres and director Danny Riel, did not run for re-election.

A three-man committee, composed of John Suarez, FAP secretary, Anna Maria Fajardo and Lorenzo Matic, supervised the elections.

Outgoing President Tony Ramos has been at the helm of the ADPM for three consecutive terms or six years.

The past presidents of the ADPM were: Boots Plata, now a member of the Directors’ Guild of the Philippines; Fernando Guerrero Jr.; Felix Dalay, now a film director; Roger Vivero, who also became a director and line producer; Antonio Fajardo, who became a line producer for the Tito, Vic and Joey team; Manny Santos, now a line-producer; and the late William Leary, who became a line producer for Viva Films.