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AMS PARTY LIST by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Feb 26, 2010

For the first time in the history of Philippine elections, a party list for the marginalized sector of media and entertainment will try to vie for a seat in congress.

AMS partly list—Alyansa ng Media at Showbiz—is the brainchild of Romy Suzara.

“Para sa mga maliliit na tao ng movie industry at media,” explains Direk Romy Suzara on why he founded AMS. “Lalo na ngayon, kita mo naman na maraming walang trabaho sa atin. Pag nanalo tayo, malaki ang magagawa ng party list natin.”

Film director Romy Suzara, secretary-general of AMS party list

AMS primarily sits on the platform of education. “Kahit saang sector naman, yang education ang importante.” AMS aims to provide the members and their families beneficial short courses like computer literacy and multi-media arts.

“Sa technology kasi ang tutok ngayon. Yung mga oldtimers kailangan din ng upgrade ng knowledge,” Suzara admits the fast-paced advancement of technology is leaving behind the people in the industry especially in the field of cinematography and editing.

But intended recipients of the free education would include the general public. “Para din sa mga baguhan, sa mga aspiring filmmakers,” Suzara admits that new blood should be injected to revitalize the movie industry.

“We will create jobs. Trabaho ang bubuhay sa industry hindi yung puro grants o bigay.” With the sad situation of the movie industry, AMS appears to be a savior especially with the programs meant to allure movie producers.

But it’s not the movie industry only. There’s the music industry that is also besieged by blatant piracy causing poor sales. Unlike before, new albums are rare nowadays since singers are afraid to suffer low sales (similar to box office figures).

The problem of proprietary rights can be addressed by proper implementation of existing laws. Or perhaps there should be the strengthening of agencies tasked to handle that problem like the OMB (Optical Media Board) and the Motion Picture Anti-Piracy Council.

And to further reveal his masterplan, Suzara tells of a small community of movie workers that would be residing in a building. “Doon na ang tirahan nila at eskuwela. Meron ding studio para pagdausan ng shooting.”

Building plan of the envisioned school cum office and residence

Similar to the concept of Universal Studios in the US, Suzara’s community will be a self-supporting venture for the residents. “Pero take note, hindi lang taga-movies ang nandyan dahil kasali ang media syempre.” There will also be facilities for broadcasting and, if budget permits, a tv studio similar to that of UNTV.

The dream community would be like a center for the cinematic arts and broadcasting. A haven for production designers, it will have a complete array of panoramic sets, props, costumes and other aesthetic facilities. Of course, there would be the technical equipment like camera, lighting units, sound recorders and editing machines.

The community would have its own hospital, a mini-mall and a huge garden for promenaders. And perhaps there will also be a recreation area. “Dapat kasi kumpleto para hindi na lalabas ang tao. Doon na nakatira, doon mag-aaral at doon din magtatrabaho,” says Suzara of his pet project.

AMS is bannered by Lakay Rolly Gonzalo followed by Romy Suzara and Leo Martinez. “Trade off namin yan sa media. Mauna si Lakay kasi isa lang naman siya sa media. Kami ni Leo bale dalawa sa showbiz.”

Rolly Gonzalo is vice president of NPC (National Press Club of which Benny Antiporda is president) and current president of LBP (Liga ng mga Brodkasters ng Pilipinas). He is a radio announcer of DWIZ, 882 on the am radio.

Quite excited with the daunting task of campaigning, the AMS people are exhibiting some apprehensions with the numbers. To win a seat, a party list needs to garner at least two percent (2%) of the total votes cast.

Of the 47 million registered voters, estimates say that around 35 million will vote. That means a quota of 700,000 votes for a party list. If AMS tallies that number then Rolly Gonzalo will have a seat in congress. In case AMS gets 1.4 million (4%) then Gonzalo and Romy Suzara will be congressmen. And if AMS gets luckier to post 6% (2.1 million) then Leo Martinez will be the third representative in congress for media and showbiz.

Showbiz nominees Romy Suzara and Leo Martinez

On the part of Leo Martinez, his primary agenda is the entry of foreign films. “Dapat limitahan natin ang pasok nyan para mas malaki ang chance ng mga local movies.” And not to forget, the movie industry people are fighting for the right to manage the Metro Manila film festival.

Other things in the list of Leo is the censorship. “Yan kasing MTRCB, supposed to be ay ratings board daw pero censorship ang function nyan kaya wala tayong freedom of expression. Nakakabobo yan.” For the protection of our culture, Leo doesn’t like the dubbing of foreign telenovelas because it’s not good to see foreigners in a foreign setting but speaking in our tongue.

For media people, Rolly Gonzalo’s concern is the current issue of killing media people particularly on what happened in Maguindanao. Maybe there should be stricter laws to protect media people.

The AMS logo

But AMS is not only for the marginalized sector it represents. AMS also has plans for the society in general. There are talks on the solution to the perennial problem of traffic which is a big waste of resources. Another is the unfair income taxation that is a burden to the lower and upper middle class.

For the benefit of the entire entertainment industry and media sector, here’s hoping that AMS will succeed.

To view the first AMS infomercial in the internet, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoD2JqbkvzE

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