Dec 16
BIG BROTHER’S BIG WINNER by Butch Macaro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Dec 16, 2005

At last the gnawing excitement has ended! In a big night of televised excitement, a big winner has come out from Pinoy Big Brother.

Last Saturday, December 10, 2005 , millions of eyes were glued on the unfolding final moments of Pinoy Big Brother which counted for millions of excited TV fanatics not only in the country but in other parts of the world where we have the TFC or The Filipino Channel.

I became a big fan of PBB a week before Franzen Fajardo was finally evicted after three nominations. I realized then I have missed a lot of excitement, and decided from then on to enlist as one of those kibitzers who watch a big TV screen at the neighborhood eatery near my house. You see, and it is hard to believe that someone like me who writes movie scripts for a profession doesn’t have a TV set. Every Saturday night since then, I hied to this little karinderia after hurriedly taking my simple dinner of nilagang munggo and a cup of rice and eagerly positioned myself in a strategic place outside to watch the whole show. I immediately picked my own choice of winner, hedging between Franzen Fajardo and Nene Tamayo. But when Franzen was evicted that Saturday night, I replaced him with Jason Gainza or Nene for the possible top winner.

From then on, I was a regular watcher of that reality show and have followed up until Say Alonzo was evicted.

I then found out that Say and JB Magsaysay were lovers after Say cried on television and broke off with JB, pointing to a third party who turns out to be Angelica Panganiban. I thought it was too early and too soon for Say to be involved in a controversy of that kind. I initially thought it was a put-on, a gimmick. But Say, a day after her eviction, was inter viewed by Boy Abunda in his program Kontrobersiya . Say poured out all her heartache and pain and she seemed credible and believable even after Angelica’s denial that she was JB’s new girl. JB, who was evicted much earlier and met some homegrown talents of ABS-CBN and Star Cinema, just what happened to the early evictees. It was bruited about that JB got the chance to meet Angelica since he was able to guest in some ABS-CBN programs. At the Big Brother house before the eviction of Say, JB was allowed to talk to a surprised Say in the confession room. JB denied to Say the rumor that Angelica was his new girl. Say emphatically stressed that she felt hurt because of the fact that wwhile she was still ‘imprisoned’ at the Big Brother house, JB was already looking for a new girlfriend. Not true, insisted JB who also cried as he asked forgiveness from Say. The young woman later admitted there might be a happy reconciliation after she leaves the big house. Up to this moment, I have no idea about the status of their love affair.

After the eviction of Say, four strong contenders were left in the Big Brother house, namely Uma Khouny, Jason Gainza, Nene Tamayo and Casssandra Ponti or Cass. I did my own thorough and honest analyses of all the remaining contenders. I must confess that I least approved of Uma because first, he is not a Pilipino. He is an Israeli and that should have been a big reason for disqualification. I think he was overbearing and ‘mayabang’ and would insists on doing his thing and didn’t care about what the others would feel. He was careless and tactless and did no mince words, and unbearably and brutally frank. I was indeed puzzled why he was never nominated for eviction.

Jason to me was a very nice person to the point that he would not insist on his rights even if he knows that the other party is at fault. He was too kind up to the point of being tanga. He would always agree just so he could not hurt any one but was always ready to lend a helping hand to everybody. He worked hard in the house, knew how to cook, cleaned the house and did everything to please everybody and Big Brother.

Cass to me was a scene-stealer. Maybe because she was in the movies or had done some films before she joined PBB . She was the crying lady of the group and really has the making of a dramatic actress in the movies. Cass was a very nice person and would insist on her rights but I am just plain puzzle why she always resorted to shedding tears. In some editions of the PBB , Cass could be seen cooking, cleaning the house and doing something to everybody to please them. She was friendly but I doubted her sincerity. I fell it was all put-ons.

The last of the contenders was Nene. She was my first and last choice since the beginning. I think all the qualities of the first three contenders were also imbued in Nene . She was the fighter of the group. In fact, she was fondly called Kumander Nene because of her fighting quality. Nene won my overwhelming sympathy specially when her mother and younger brother came to the house. She admitted on TV that she rebelled from her family and did everything on her own to reach her goal. I readily identified with her feelings and emotion. I even think I have suffered some of her sad experiences, especially of being abandoned and left all alone. Nene was the kind of person who would not remain quiet about a controversial issue if she is sure she is being taken for granted and abused. She was always ready to fight even with her superiors whenever she felt she is deprived of her rights.

This was true in the last part of the show before the winners were declared when Big Brother told them to cut and burn the pair of pants which presumably belonged to Uma. All the four refused to obey the order of Big Brother for fear of hurting the owner. For three times or may be more, I heard Nene angrily utter with conviction that all of them are ready to leave the house if Jason will be evicted. She was very vocal in saying what she feels. She was playing the role of Gabriela Silang.

What happened that night reminded me of my misunderstanding with the officers in the guild where I belong where I literally fought with five board officers for what I thought were things done to me which were unfair, irregular and degrading on my part. I could not take it anymore so I have to voice out my observations—all by my lonesome confronting five fellow officers. I chose to leave my post as officer not because they scared me but because I do not want to be part of the capricious and inconsistent practice.

Big Brother, from my pint of view that night, appeared unfair and was virtually a dictator, in carrying out his order. But later, I decided it was part of a test to gauge how they four finalists really care for the welfare of their housemates. For later, before the end of that particular program, Big Brother admitted it was all a test he had designed for them.

But even then, Nene had already shown how she will fight for her rights, and even the rights of others. She was very vocal in speaking out what she felt. At one instance, Big Brother even reprimanded and shouted at her to stop as he was not even talking to her. All of them were crying as they answered Big Brother. Uma and Nene vehemently said that they could not see the rationale of the task. Nene said it was unfair and unreasonable. Nene, it turned out, was a military soldier before she joined PBB . No wonder she was an aggressive fighter.

During that last show, a fleeting thought passed through my mind. I suddenly felt too politicalized for I saw in that final episode the actual political situation in our country. Big Brother was a leader who insists that we should follow and obey, like someone we know in real life, someone whose mandate to lead the citizenry is being heavily questioned. I just felt that Big Brother was a microcosm that reflected the bigger reality in Philippine society today where a majority of the people are voicing out sentiments and anger over the deteriorating living conditions and the undemocratic and abusive practices of our politicians, especially the present leader.

Pinoy Big Brother , for more than threemonths or some one hundred days, had remained in the consciousness of a large segment of our population. Honestly, lots of positive values should have been learned from that reality show. Hopefully, people have seen and realized the message and cultural values Pinoy Big Brother was trying to inculcate to its audience, especially the young generations of Filipinos today.

This reality show will prove to be a very good training ground for would-be actors and actresses, where they will learn to value their time, opportunity and social amenities. It is a show where they will learn humility, respect and the value of work. Even if there were lapses in the show, still it was entertaining, informative and educational. Hopefully, the young people will benefit from it.

I am not sure but perhaps there were screenings done to choose the final participants in this years’ PBB . We cannot fault those who raised eyebrows and questioned the final choices, but perhaps the management of ABS-CBN did it on purpose to create interest, attention and controversies, without which the program will not rake high ratings.

But I just wish and hope that the next batch of Big Brother housemates must be screened thoroughly. I actually have just one little question that keeps nagging my mind. Am I presuming or asking too much if I insist that Pinoy Big Brother housemates be restricted to natural born Filipinos only?