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PLAYING LOCAL KOMIKS CHARACTERS by Tante de Ramos  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jan 22, 2010

Through the years, the local film industry has been remaking versions of four Mars Ravelo komiks characters, specially Darna. Actors and actresses of succeeding generations invariably had the chance to play the parts. In a sense, these roles have been handed down from one generation of perfomers to another. Movie trivia expert Tante de Ramos provides the list of actors and actresses who played, not only Darna, but the roles of Dyesebel, Captain barbell and Lastikman.

The following actresses (and one actor) played Darna:

Rosa Del Rosario- The first and original Darna who appeared in the film directed by Fernando Poe, Sr. for his film company Royal Productions Inc. in 1951. Hre co-stars included Mila Nimfa as Narda, Manuel Ubaldo as Ding and Cristina Aragon as Valentina. The same cast reprised their roles in the second Darna film, Darna at ang Babaing Lawin , in 1952. This time, Elvira Reyes played the role of villain, under the direction of Carlos Vandor Tolosa.

Liza Moreno- Made in 1963, this Darna sequel was titled Si Darna at ang Impakta.

Eva Montes- She also appeared as Darna in a film produced by Premiere Productions, Inc. in the 60’s.

Gina Alonzo- Gina portrayed the superheroine in Si Darna at Ang Babaing Tuod. It was produced in 1965 by Premiere Productions, Inc. in technicolor.

Dolphy- The first time the superheroine was played by an actor (a comedian a that) was in Darna Kuno, This was produced in color in 1969.

Gina Pareno- Produced by Sampaguita Pictues in 1969, Gina played the title role in Si Darna at ang Planet Man. Included in the cast were Vic Vargas as the Planet Man.

Sharon Cuneta- The megastar portrayed the superwoman Sisid, Darna, Sisid. The film was produced in 1972.

Vilma Santos- Gov. Vilma had the played Darna in four films, namely, Darna and the Giants (with co-stars Romeo Miranda and Cezar Ramirez, Divina Valencia, Max Alvarado and Ike Lozada (as the four giants); Lipad, Darna, Lipad; Darna vs. The Planet Woman (with Helen Gamboa as the Planet Woman; and Darna at Ding. These films were produced in the mid 70s and early 80s.

Rio Locsin- Produced in 1979, Rio soared as Darna in Bira, Darna, Bira.

Nanette Medved- She was Darna in the early 90’s.

Anjanette Abayari- Anjanette was Dana in Darna (Ang Pagbabalik). One
of her antagonists was basketball star Paul ‘Bong’ Alvarez who fought Darna in Matrix style-routine.

Regine Velasquez- Regine appeared in a cameo role as Darna in a guest appearance in Captain Barbell, starred by Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. with co-star Ogie Alcasid as Tengteng. This was produced in 2003 by Viva Films, Inc.

Alma Moreno- Alma played Darna in a television series.

Lorna Tolentino- She was cast as the character role of Darna also in television.

Angel Locsin- Angel was another Darna reincarnation in television.

Marian Rivera- Marian is the latest and possibly not the last Darna in television.

The six actresses who essayed the role of Dyesebel, another Mars Ravelo character were:

Edna Luna- Edna was the original and first Dyesebel (half-human-half-mermaid) who had Jaime Dela Rosa as her leading man in a film produced in 1953 by Premiere Productions, Inc.

Vilma Santos- Vilma played Darna four times and portrayed Dyesebel twice. In 1968, she appeared in Sisid, Dyesebel, Sisid. Five years later, she again played the role with Romeo Miranda as her leading man and Cristina Reyes as the villain. The latter film was produced by Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.

Alma Moreno-Five years after Vilma, Alma played the character role in a 1978 film.

Alice Dixson- Dyesebel resurfaced again with Alice in the title role in 1990. Her leading man was Richard Gomez.

Charlene Gonzales- The last film Dyesebel was played by Charlene in 1995.

Marian Rivera- The television Dyesebel went to Marian with Dingdong Dantes as her leading man.

The four actors who played Captain Barbell, another Mars Ravelo komiks character, were:

Willie Sotello- This basketball player was the first and original Captain Barbell in a film produced by LVN pictures.

Edu Manzano- Edu played Captain Barbell for a Metropolitan Manila Film Festival entry. He co-starred with Vice-Mayor Herbert Bautista as his alter ego Tengteng.

Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr.-The senator actor played Cap[tain Barbell in another Metro aila Filmfest entry. His co-stars included Ogie Alcasid as Tengteng and Regine Velasquez in a special cameo role as Darna. This film was produced by Viva Films.

Richard Guttierez- He portrayed Captain Barbell in the television teleserye of GMA 7.

The three actors who played Lastikman were:

Vic Sotto- Vic was the original and first Lastikman who co-starred with Donita Rose in a Metro Manila Film Festival entry produced by M-Zet Productions, Inc.

Mark Bautista- Mark played the character role of Lastikman in a Viva Films production with Sarah Geronimo as his partner. This was another Metro Manila Film Festival entry.

Vhong Navarro- Vhong portrayed Lastikman for a television series on ABS 2.

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