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MOVIEGOERS VS PACMAN by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jan 15, 2010

Case 1225-0107 Moviegoers of the Philippines – vs – Manny Pacquiao a.k.a. Pacman a.k.a. Pambansang Kamao a.k.a. Pound for Pound King.

From his popularity in the boxing ring, Manny Pacquiao had aimed for an equivalent recognition in the arena of politics, on television and also in the movies. Let the data speak on the subject matter.

As per the official result of the recent Metro Manila film festival, Wapakman, the movie that starred Manny Pacquiao for the second time, is the festival’s tail-ender in terms of box office sales.

Here’s the official tally (in millions of pesos) for the festival period (Dec. 25 to Jan. 7):

1. ANG PANDAY – P99.4 million
2. I LOVE YOU, GOODBYE – P94.3 million
3. ANG DARLING KONG ASWANG – P89.6 million
4. SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL XI – P77.6 million
5. MANO PO 6 – P42 million
6. NOBODY, NOBODY BUT JUAN – P31.9 million
7. WAPAKMAN – P2.6 million
TOTAL – P437.6 million

The moviegoers have spoken. And like the catchy phrase of Susan Roces, “Not once but twice,” it is now confirmed that Manny Pacquiao had fought and lost, miserably failing in his shots for movie stardom.

For the 2007 film festival, here’s the official tally:
1. Sakal Sakali, Saklolo – P122.8 million
2. Enteng Kabisote 4- P104.6 million
3. Shake, Rattle & Roll 9 – P68 million
4. Desperadas – P35.5 million
5. Resiklo – P21.6 million
6. Bahay Kubo – P19.4 million
7. Katas ng Saudi – P3.2 million
8. Anak ng Kumander-P 2.4 million
9. Banal – P2.3 million

As reported, MP Productions had spent P30 million to produce Anak Ng Kumander. For the manufactured controversy in order to attract attention, it was said that only P20 million was accounted for in that budget, meaning P10 million was missing. Another issue was the exploitation of Valerie Concepcion who played the role of Manny’s wife.

For Wapakman, it is estimated that Solar Films had spent no less than P30 million considering the costumes and effects of a fantasy movie. And if only Pacman’s popularity in the ring had been translated into the silver screen, it was easy to surmise that Wapakman would be the festival’s top grosser of all time.

To ensure the success of Wapakman, fate had its share in promoting the movie. The controversy arising from the purported relationship of the Pambansang Kamao with the Pambansang Flirt gave the movie a good media mileage.


And the involvement of Gina Alajar for her post in facebook about a long dead issue added fuel to the fire such that, despite denials, Jinkee’s actions were suspect. The silence of both Manny and Krista made the controversy even more mysterious and interesting.

Another issue that stirred the media’s interest was Pacquiao’s joining the Nacionalista Party. Having Manny Villar and Manny Pacquiao on a political poster was really cute. The blood compact was held on the midnight after Manny Pacquiao’s 31st birthday, just a week before the film festival was to open.

Like a seasoning to the entrée, the teaser of Pacman’s next fight had already started. Floyd Mayweather, an equally popular and undefeated boxer, was being eyed by team Pacquiao. Fight fans were breathless to imagine that it would be the biggest fight with the biggest purse of all time.

But in spite of everything, Wapakman failed to get a good share of the filmfest’s gross. The P2.6 million was not even 1% of the P437 million total for the 7 movies in the festival. To add insult to injury, we can say that the P2.6 million for Wapakman was an improvement on the P2.4 million earned by Anak Ng Kumander two years ago.

For further analysis, the first movie which starred Manny was Lisensyadong Kamao. He has Aubrey Miles and Juliana Palermo for his leading ladies. Although there was no official report since it was not part of a festival, no one can say that Lisensyadong Kamao earned money.

And not to forget, there was Pacquiao: The Movie which was shown in 2006. The biopic has no less than Jericho Rosales who portrayed the famous boxer with Bea Alonzo who essayed the role of Jinkee. Directed by Joel Lamangan from the script of Roy Iglesias, the movie has a deep bench of support from Tirso Cruz III to Gloria Sevilla.

But sad to say, Pacquiao: The Movie was not a favorite in the box office since it didn’t even reach the break-even mark. For a consolation, it won a FAMAS nomination for Jericho’s acting.

Case 1225-0107 resolution. Confirmed and validated, it is hereby resolved and determined beyond reasonable doubt that Manny Pacquiao is the undisputed Flop King – for the Decade 2001 to 2009 – of the Metro Manila film festival.

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