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A STABLE OF SEXY STUDS by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Dec 9, 2005

By Tante de Ramos

The proliferation of sexy or bold movies has discovered skin-baring beauties and, once in a while, well-endowed actresses who have also the acting talent to complement their alluring body measurements. But sexy stars cannot make a bold movie alone by themselves. They must have their male counterparts. We call them the sexy studs. A website edition ago, we ran an ABC of nymphets. We step over the fence for another ABC. This time, an alphabetical list of these sexy studs.

John Apacible – John was the leading man of Kudhet Honasan in ATB-4 Films’ Motel which was produced by the Buenaseda family. He played the villain role in Pula opposite Tracy Torres and Emillio Garcia. He specializes in the role of the leading man’s nemesis or antagonist. This was his role in a film with Aleck Bovick and with Jeric Raval in another action movie.

Dante Balboa – In Sacramento Films’ Temtasyon, Dante starred with Kat de Santos, Jasmine Collins, Ava Henson, Alma Conception, Maria Isabel Lopez and Ryan Muñoz under the direction of Francis Jun Posadas, produced by Clem Fernandez. He also appeared in ATB 4 Films’ Karelasyon with Kuhdet Honasan, Isabella Gomez, Paolo Rivero and Karina Zobel, directed by Neal Buboy Tan.

Leandro Baldemor – One of the most popular Seiko Films studs, Leandro appeared in Ikapitong Gloria with the late Halina Perez and Ramon Christopher. He was cast in Kahit Saan Pwede with Margarita Milan and Gino Ilustre. He appeared opposite Rosanna Roces in Seiko Films’ Tikim .

Anton Bernardo – He graduated from being a sexy stud to a dramatic actor who appeared in films of Director Maryo de los Reyes. In Seiko’s Films’ Balahibo , he starred with Isabel Reyes and Dante Rivero, under the direction of Mauro Gia Samonte. He also starred in Mahilig 2 , Ipasok Mo at Ilalabas Ko , Kesong Puti and Linggo Lang Ang Pahinga . In Aanakan Kita, he co-starred with Klaudia Zobel and Gino Ilustre. He was introduced in Seiko Films’ Tikim with Rosanna Roces and Leandro Baldemor.

Gando Cervantes – He was introduced in the ground-breaking film Sibak , Midnight Dancers 2, a story of machoi dancers which was shown in various international festivals abroad. He also appeared in Ganti Ng Puso opposite Stella Ruiz.

Allen Dizon – A former San Fernando cop, Allen tries hhis luck in the movies and made it. He was cast in Langit Mo , Kaligayahan Ko opposite Rajah Montero as his leading lady. In Starlight Films’ Kiskisan , he starred with the late Halina Perez, Ana Capri, Red Rivera, Emilio Garcia and Gardo Versoza, directed by Joven Tan. He was the leading man of Barbara Milano, now a town councilor, in several movies.

Winston Elizalde – A talent of Director Maryo de los Reyes, Winston can take up roles in both action and sex comedy films. In Seiko Films’ Itlog , he starred with Diana Zubiri, Allona Amor, Rodel Velayo and Celso Ad. Castillo, directed by Francis “Jun” Posadas . He also appeared in Liberated with Diana Zubiri, Francine Prieto, Rodel Velayo and Christian Vasquez. He also appears in digital films, one of which was Big Time , a Cinemalaya entry which won the best director award in the independent film festival.

Emilio Garcia – Effortlessly moving from actions roles to sexy roles, Emilio has remained long in this business. He appeared in Punla with Tracy Torres and John Apacible. He also appeared in Leo Films’ Mapanukso with co-stars Clarissa Mercado, Tracy Torres, JP Obligacion and Gerald Lauron. In Star;light Films’ Kiskisan, he appeared with Halina Perez, Red Rivera, Ana Capri, Gardo Versoza and Allen Dizon, directed by Joven Tan.

Gino Ilustre – He starred in Kalaro with Rey PJ Avellana, in a story of two friends fighting for the love of one woman they both know when they were children. In Linggo Lang Ang Pahinga , he starred with Klaudia Koronel, Anton Bernardo, Alma Soriano and Margarita Milan under the direction of Humilde Meek Roxas for Seiko Films. He also appeared In Aanakan Kita with Klaudia Zobel and Anton Bernardo.

Leonardo Litton – A Seiko Films stud too, Leandro appeared in Talong , where he was cast opposite Nini Jacinto. Before leaving for Japan , he was a contract star of producer Robbie Tan of Seiko Films. In Tikim , he appeared with Barbara Milano and Rodel Velayo.

Fernando Montenegro Fernando appeared in Golden Harvest Productions’ Huwag with a bevy of female newcomers under the direction Johnny Jose Cruz. As a contract star of Seiko Films, he made Kiliti with Rosanna Roces and Eddie Garcia. He also appeared in Exploitation with Pricilla Almeda and Isko Moreno.

Roy Rodrigo – He appeared in Nene with Sabrina M, Natasha Ledesma and Allan dela Cruz. He played villain to Rey ‘PJ’ Avellana and Gino Ilustre in Kalaro .

Christian Vasquez – The latest Seiko Films stud, Christian became popular because of a PLDT commercial. He appeared in Seiko Films’ Bridal Showers , en entry in a Metro Manila Film festival which starred Dina Bonnevie, Francine Prieto, Cherry Pie Picache, Alfred Vargas, Douglas Robinson, Juancho Valentino, Rodel Velayo and Abby Gasser, directed Jeffrey Jeturian. In the Liberated series, he appeared with Diana Zubiri, Francine Prieto, Rodel Velayo Winston Elizalde, Tuesday Vargas, Chanda Romero, Dexter Doria, Jimmy Fabrigas, Ynez Veneracion and Anita Linda directed by Mac C. Alejandre.

Rodel Velayo – One of the latest discoveries of Seiko Films, Rodel co-starred with Diana Zubiri, Allona Amor, Winston Elizalde and Celso Ad. Castillio in the movie Itlog , directed by Francis Jun Posadas. In Seiko Films’ Sisid, he teamed up with Assunta de Rossi for producer Robbie Tan. In Liberated, he played the role of a gay, co-starring with Diana Zubiri, Francine Prieto, Christian Vasquez and Winston Elizalde. He also appeared in Tikim with Barbara Milano and Leonardo Litton.

Gardo Versosa – Another Seiko Film discovery, he appeared in the movie Machete (with Cesar Montano in the title role) with co-stars Rosanna Roces and Priscilla Almeda (still known as Abby Viduya). In Starlight Films’ Kiskisan , he pitted acting prowess with the late Halina Perez, Red Rivera, Ana Capri, Emilio Garcia, Allen Dizon, Anita Linda, Mona Lisa, Glenda Garcia and Rustica Carpio under the direction of Joven Tan. He played leading role in Bigay-Hilig with Red Rivera. He also co-starred with Aleck Bovick in some films. Gardo got the chance of making an important film which was directed by a critically-acclaimed director. This was Ang Babae sa Breakwater of Mario O’Hara.