Accredited last November 17 as a party list sectoral organization, the Alyansa ng Media at Showbiz (AMS) filed on Saturday, Nov. 28, a manifestation before the Commission on Elections to participate in the party-list system of representation in next year’s elections.

The Alyansa earlier held it first ever press conference last Tuesday at the Chicken Ati-Atihan Restaurant on Sct. Gandia St. corner Morato, Q.C. where the Alyansa announced their three nominees—Rolly ‘Lakay’ Gonzalo, president of the Liga ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas and vice-president of the National Press Club; film director Romy Suzara; and actor-director Leo G. Martinez.

In a follow-up meeting on Thursday, the Alyansa added two more nominees in its roster. They are Joel Igco of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines and Edgardo Dee.

During the presscon, Gonzalo, Suzara and Martinez explained that the Alyansa aims to work for the marginalized sectors—the unsung workers and little people who are involved in running our various tri-media networks (press, broadcast and TV) and the entertainment fields in local showbiz, from movies to stage, etc.

The nominees added that the Alyansa is also committed to the basic freedom of expression that both media and showbiz must uphold to ensure that our citizens will fully enjoy their rights to be informed and entertained. In this sense, the Alyansa also aims to serve the general public and not only the marginalized sectors it will represent in the House of Representatives.

Martinez announced that the organization is now in the process of collating the bio-data of all persons working in both media and showbiz for the official files of the AMS. These will serve as the guide in the various programs the Alyansa will push through in Congress, he added.

Suzara said that the Alyansa has initially targeted a four-point program of action that will focus on housing, health care, livelihood and scholarship for members of media and showbiz and their dependents.

Gonzalo said that the Second Division of Comelec commissioners approved the registration of the AMS as a party list organization.

The second division is composed of Nicodemo T. Ferrer (presiding commissioner) with Lucenito N. Tagle and Elias R. Yusoph.

For further information and details please contact the AMS secretariat thru the following telephone numbers: 985-1491 and 710-8138.

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