Dec 09
THE HERO IS NOT AN ANGEL by Butch Macaro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Dec 9, 2005

A hero is someone we look up to with respect, admiration and reverence…someone who has or had done something great for the benefit of the majority, a true-blooded champion… someone who sacrificed his own life and principles for the emancipation of his fellow human beings from the clutches of tyranny, abuses, hunger, poverty, etcetera. etcetera…

Hero Angeles was the champion of Star Circle Quest of ABS-CBN and Mark Herras was the Starstruck hero for GMA-7. Both are talented, undeniably made of star material and sure-fire matinee idols. Their participation in both searches of the two fierce rival television networks marked the phenomenal ratings competition for the networks. This article focuses on one of these up-and-coming films and TV stars…Hero Angeles.

Hero was initially paired with Sandara Park in an exciting loveteam with an Asian flavor. Movie fans rooting for the tandem grew in number as they inevitably found them exciting and complimented each other in a very positive way. Hero and Sandara proved in their movies that they indeed have chemistry, a handsome pair to watch. But the pressure brought on this new love team was perhaps too much for Hero to take. Soon, he allegedly began (or perhaps misquoted by press people) making negative comments about his love team with Sandara, which resulted, to unnecessary misunderstandings and petty quarrels. The controversy spiraled out of control and the love team dissolved before it could reach its perceived potentials. Hero and Sandara parted ways to the dismay of their growing number of fans.

Hero’s elder brother Henry, who serves as his manager, was reported to be too meddlesome, questioning decisions and plans crafted by top honchos of ABS-CBN for the fledgling love team, particularly when these concerned his kid brother. The end result of everything was the release of Hero from his contract with the network at the brothers’ own initiative.

Rumors flew fast and thick that Hero will stake up tent at the new circus grounds at GMA-7. Reports had it that the GMA-based young actors, specially the Starstruck discoveries, were reasonably alarmed by this development. It is a fact that Hero is now established as an actor with a big following and, thus, a big threat for these young actors’ chance for stardom. The guessing game is on–who among the GMA starlets will be paired with the transferee. Unverified items leaked out that Jennylyn Mercado, who is as popular as the latest Darna reincarnation, Angel Locsin. It is bruited about that if Hero moved to GMA-7, he most likely will be paired with Jennylyn which will leave Mark Herras all by his lonesome.. Mother Lily Monteverde of Regal Entertainment Inc. was excited by this pairing that she reportedly started planning a film starring Hero and Jennylyn.

When he was released from ABS-CBN, Hero was described as looking lost, haggard and thin. But the old sparkle returned when he started appearing in GMA 7 shows as guest, even if there was no definite plans yet of GMA to sign him on. The guestings were actually a sort of testing the waters for Hero in the new network. It was indeed a warm welcome for Hero by the mainstays of SOP Gigsters that Sunday afternoon he guested for the first time. Hero admitted he was jittery during his first appearance in the SOP show since it has the same time slot with his former show at ABS-CBN. Hero was obviously uneasy when he was asked to read the spiel that the SOP Gigsters is the number one Sunday afternoon youth-oriented show. But he did well, anyway.

Things started paving the way for Hero’s eventual signing with GMA. But it seemed at first that the brother-manager Henry was still harboring some doubts and reservations about this. When Hero appeared at the SOP Gigsters as guest and had a dance showdown with Mark Herras, the insiders admitted without batting an eyelash that for the first time, their ratings soared to as high as 18 percent. This only meant that Hero can easily mesh into GMA’s woodwork of young talents.

Then the irony surfaced. Now we have a possible love team to be made up of two stars who just came from breakups–Jennylyn from Mark Herras and Hero from Sandara Park The question in people’s mind is: will Jennylyn Mercado and Hero Angeles be as effective and popular as Jennylyn-Mark and Hero-Sandara?

But other GMA think tank members have another plan—pairing off Hero with comebacking star Tanya Garcia. Hero is heard to have admitted that he has a crush on Tanya and she giggled over the thought of having Hero as her love partner. They have great chemistry anyway. The people pushing for the Hero-Tanya tandem justify that with this pairing, they can avoid creating a love triangle among Hero, Jennylyn and Mark. But all these talks are still premature because plans for Hero to be a full-pledged GMA talent are still aborning.

It is said that the GMA planners are seriously contemplating on taking Hero as their talent on one condition– that Henry be taken out of the picture. Reports leaked out that GMA decision-makers are wary of the possibility that Henry might make things difficult for the network as what he had done over at ABS-CBN. They don’t like the possibility of brother-manager Henry meddling with their career moves for Hero by pushing his weight around and making things difficult.

It cannot be denied that the Angeles brothers had generated a storm of a misunderstanding with the ABS-CBN handlers. The public is deeply divided as to who are the real culprits in the controversy—the brothers or the network officials. But admittedly there were factors that put the brothers on a negative light. There was Hero mouthing unsavory remarks against his former partner Sandara, calling her user. There was the interview of Hero by The Buzz hosts Boy Abunda, Kris Aquino and Cristy Fermin. What Hero said during that fateful interview made him a kontrabida in the eyes of his former admiring movie fans. Host Cristy Fermin, in her column Most Wanted in Bulgar , reacted with her own venom because of the interview. According to Cristy, Hero unjustly and ungratefully insulted movie writers whom he said brought him a lot of troubles and problems. She said that Hero obviously forgot that for Pilipinos, it is imperative and morally ennobling for people to look back at those who had helped them attain their goals. With vitriol in her column, Cristy wrote that Hero and Henry are not influential and powerful to change the system in show business to suit their needs.

The negative write-ups piled up in no time at all. This put a damper on the aborning Hero-Jennylyn team up. GMA-7 has actually already announced that Hero will surely be paired with Jennylyn in an episode in the new season of Love to Love , which will be directed by Rico Gutierrez. But the latest news has it that Jake Cuenca will replace Hero for the role. It is reported that Jenny was a bit disappointed over the sudden change but expects she will be paired with Hero in other projects sooner.

Many people in the know have suggested that it will be better if seasoned talent manager Alfie Lorenzo handle Hero’s career. Alfie has been in the business for so long that he knows what to do for his talent to succeed and survive the pressure of show business. But it seems Henry does not like the idea of having Alfie Lorenzo speak for him with the GMA people. On the other hand, the network is said to be hesitant to deal with Henry for fear of messing up things. If Henry wants his brother to salvage his career, he must let Hero be managed by Alfie. GMA is reportedly willing to take Hero in on condition that Alfie handles the negotiations. Hero’s legal counsel in a pending libel case in fact also advised Henry to entrust Hero to another handler. A decision must be made and made now. New and equally talented newcomers are waiting on the wings and ready to step in. Before everyone can notice, Hero might be gone and forgotten. The GMA administration is asking for the release papers of Hero from ABS-CBN, but Henry could not give it as, according to him, ‘it is confidential’.

Thus with these entire hullabaloo, the unnecessary troubles and negative write–ups, everything has grounded to a standstill. But no one will admit he or she or they are at fault for this impasse.

In the meantime, what will ever happen to the career of Hero Angeles? Time flies and opportunities may pass by and be irretrievable. Luck and good fortune may prove fickle. At this juncture, people involved in the Hero Angeles fracas must start considering a very important word in the dictionary of showbiz success— compromise.

This young man has one of the best names in the world. His first name refers to heroes. His surname refers to angels. Wouldn’t it be really sad and unexpected that a hero and an angel will not make it after all and become a synonym for failure—or, let us say, plain hard-headedness or foolhardiness?