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CARLO AQUINO: THE YOUNG MAN FROM TULI by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Dec 2, 2005

CARLO AQUINO… Delectably delicious??!! That was how some of the staffers of the Viva Artists Agency described Carlo when he moved to their turf from the ABS-CBN Star Magic stable. Few of the staffers seemed not to find any fault in Carlo. Some of them admitted, with giggles on the side, that they find Carlo “edible’ from head to foot. Sweet is the best word that can describe the young actor Carlo. They even compared Carlo to a special, delicious candy that gets sweeter and palatable as days go on.

Carlo has just signed up a new contract with ABS-CBN Talent Center when he requested to be released and Channel 2 honchos immediately set him free. Carlo was the former boy friend of Angelica Panganiban and at this time, Carlo wants to court her again. Viva Films is now the new home of Carlo where he just finished the film Tuli with Desiree del Valle, whois also a newcomer to the Viva stable. Viva promised to make him a recording artist which made Carlo doubly happy for his alternative band. Singing is one of Carlo’s talents and he put up a band long ago with his friends. They called the band the Carlo Aquino Theory . At the moment, his group is trying to come up with a new name for his band.

Carlo is sure he made the right decision when he transferred to Viva. He believes there is a bigger chance for his career to zoom up in his new home studio. And promises he will return the favor for the warm welcome he received from the Viva bigwigs.

At the Viva office, some writers commented that Carlo is young and too innocent-looking. With his boyish looks, Carlo is a picture of innocence who knows nothing about and does not distrust the sinful world out there. Carlo laughs at the unanimous observation of the writers present by saying they should not be misled by his innocent looks. He assures them he now knows many things that an innocent young man must now be informed about, then flashes that mischievous smile and a wink from his expressive eyes. At Viva Films, digital or otherwise, Carlo will have a chance to re-invent himself for the good of his career. That first step came about when he accepted the role in the film Tuli .

At the ABS-CBN talent center, most of the roles he got for television and the big screen were so-so roles which did not challenge him nor stretch his acting abilities. The fact that he is oozing with acting talent, the roles assigned to him did not give him the opportunity to show his capacity as an actor. His love team with Angelica Panganiban didn’t help either in emphasizing that he deserved to wear the tag of a sensitive actor. Moving to Viva Films will allow Carlo the luxury of choosing roles that are not of the ordinary variety. In the digital film Tuli , he played the role of an uncircumcised young man and was pitted with Desiree del Valle with whom he has some sizzling love scenes. Tuli won the best picture and best director (for Aureaus Solito) awards in the recently concluded Cinemanila Film festival.

Carlo says he has has long wanted to do this kind of a film but most of the roles he got before were limited to sweet, albeit insignificant characters. Carlo is not against kissing scenes or torrid and daring moments for as long as it is not totally bold. He says he is still young for those sexy scenes. What he looks forward are more mature or offbeat roles to test his acting ability to the maximum. He is in fact very talented and one of the best young actors of his generation. The young man has also a good PR sense and is totally professional in his chosen field of endeavor.

I cannot remember the titles of his films but I can remember his role as the son of Christopher de Leon and Lorna Tolentino who grieved deeply when the character Carlo was playing died. I forgot the title of the movie but his role remained erched in my brain.

Viva Films has no plans to make him a bold star in the mold of the Viva Hot Men. Physically, Carlo is not really meant to disrobe in his films. But he believes that he is ready for everything. He knows Viva is going to re-invent his career and he is so excited about it. During their pictorial, Carlo did not think twice to show his body. In Tuli , he was daring enough to show part of his butt. To prepare for his daring and challenging roles, Carlo explains he frequents his favorite gym more often now to stay physically fit. Carlo adds he has no fear of being exploited as long as it is his acting that will be noticed instead of the sexy moments he might be exposed to.

Carlo makes it clear that he has no intention of becoming a bold actor when he signed a managerial contract with Viva Films. He just wants to move on to more daring and mature roles. It was incidental when he accepted Tuli where he showed some flesh. The wild ideas were made more pronounced when his sexy pictorials came out and more people became curious of his change of image. He was branded a bold actor. Carlo clarifies things: “ I’m already 20 years old and I think I have the option to chose the kind of roles which may be different from what I had been doing before. I was stuck to teeny bopper goody roles. I want to try other roles so I accepted Tuli .

The pumping scene in Tuli with Desiree made people curious if Carlo was carried away in his role. He shrugs this off, saying that with too many people in the set during the take, what made him nervous and overly conscious was the possibility that they will not get it right after so many takes.

Carlo says he waited so long for a good break when he was under ABS-CBN but unfortunately there were no good roles offered to him so he decided to look for greener pastures and Viva welcomed him with open arms. His transfer to Viva outfit was actually facilitated with the blessings of ABS-CBN bigwigs.

Carlo believes that he can put to advantage his acting talent now that he is with Viva Films. Carlo is known to be a workaholic. He even comes up once in a while with his story ideas and film materials that he feels he can do justice to. He exchanges story ideas in brainstorming sessions with his writer friends.

Carlo has been in the stable of ABS-CBN for ten years now, and he should have been built up as the next leading man since as a child actor, he was an awardee. New actors are now being groomed for stardom and Carlo has no explanation for this. The management has other plans and Carlo respects their decision, after all they are running the network. He cannot do anything about this but he must move on. Carlo accepts everything with an open mind and says he is still grateful to ABS-CBN Talent Center . Without Channel 2, there is no Carlo Aquino, he admits.