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DED NA SI LOLO IS RP ENTRY TO OSCAR by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Sep 23, 2009

Ded na si Lolo, one of six films produced by APT Entertainment and the Directors’ Guild of the Philippines, Inc. (DGPI) under its Sine Direk project, was chosen as the country’s entry to the Foreign Language Film category of the 82nd Oscar Awards scheduled next year.

The six-man committee, which was headed by National Artist for Film Eddie Romero, chose Ded na si Lolo (directed by Soxie Ropacio) over In My Life (directed by Olive Lamasan), a Vilma Santos starrer still being shown in local theatres.

Local films exhibited in theaters for at least seven consecutive days within the period of October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2009 were eligible for selection.

Lola, a film by Cannes best director winner Dante Mendoza which was the country’s entry in the recent Venice Film Festival, started its theatrical run on Wednesday, September 23 though it was pre-screened by the FAP Oscar-committee upon the director and producer’s request.

FAP Director General Leo Martinez allowed the committee to review the film for consideration provided that if it would be selected, announcement will only be done on its first day of exhibition.

Lola, together with Jay (a Cinemalaya project), composed the final four that the committee trimmed down from its short list of 13 films

In the final voting, Ded na si Lolo won over In My Life with a 4-1 vote. The committee chairman could only vote in case of a tie in the voting.

The main cast of Ded na si Lolo includes Gina Alajar, Elizabeth Oropesa, Manilyn Reynes, Dick Israel, Roderick Paulate, Perla Bautista and BJ Forbes.

The production staff is composed of the following: Director-Writer Soxie Topacio; Cinematogapher Journaline Payonan; Editor Danny Anonuevo; Production Designer Edel Templo-nuevo; Costume Designer Luming Medrano; Music Composer Noel Cabangon; and Sound Mixer Joey Santos.

The Selection Committee

The FAP Oscar committee is composed of the following; National Artist for Film Eddie Romero, senior adviser of the Academy and also the chairman of the selection committee; Actor/Director Robert Arevalo, FAP adviser; Director Jose Carreon of the Directors’ Guild of the Philippines, Inc. (DGPI); Director William Mayo of the Philippine Motion Picture Directors’ Association (PMPDA); Manny Morfe of the Production Designers Guild of the Philippines (PDGP); and Director Elwood Perez, (PMPDA).

The nine other films considered by the committee were: Pitik Bulag (ALV Entertainment); The Last Viewing (Davis Entertainment); Kamoteng Kahoy (APT Entertainment); Concerto (Solito Arts Productions and Seiko Films); Baler (Viva Films); Bente (APT Enterainment); 100 Martinez-Rivera Films);Manila (MJM Productions and Bicycle Pictures); and Adela (Bicycle Pictures).

The AMPAS sets a 5 p.m. deadline on October 1, 2009 for the submission of all entries to the best foreign language film category. On that date, it expects the submission of all film prints (with accurate English subtitles) and the following:

–Official Entry Form 1, completed and signed by the chairman of the selection committee.

–Official Entry Form 2, completed by the Selection Committee.

–Official Entry Form 3, completed by the selected film’s producer.

–English synopsis of the film.

–Cast and production credits.

–Advertisement of the film’s commercial theatrical run.

–Director’s biography and photograph.

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