Aug 12
NEW PRESIDENT, NEW GUILD NAME by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Aug 12, 2005

The editors’ guild, one of the premier organizations under the umbrella of the Film Academy of the Philippines, has a new president and a new name.

Veteran editor and URIAN life schievement awardee for 2005 Jess Navarro took over the reins of the editors’ guild last July 30, replacing Joe Solo under a sharing scheme they agreed upon when they tied for president during the July 2004 elections. Incumbent president Solo sat as president for the first year of the two-year term. Navarro took over in time for the elections of Academy officials last month.

During the FAP elections, three officers were re-elected, namely, Atty. Espiridion Laxa as chairman, Leo G. Martinez as director-general and Jesse Ejercito as deputy director-general. Production Designers Guild President Manny Morge was elected treasurer and John Suarez of the Movie Producers and Distributors Association of the Philippines (MPDAP) replaced Manny Nuqui as academy secretary.

Navarro told the FAP website staff that the officers and board mebers during Solo’s incumbency were retained but they will be naming a new secretary vice Edgar Gutierrez who died last month.

The following are the other officers and board members: Danny Gloria, vice-president; Popoy Crisostomo, treasurer; Ever Ramos, auditor; Along Vinarao, Ningning de Leon, Rodel Capule and Rudy Cabrales, members of the board of directors.

Navarro clarified that from now on the guild will be known as the United Film Editors Guild of the Philippines, Inc. He explained that the Securites and Exchange Commission revoked the corporation papers of the former Film Editors Guild for Motion Pictures for failing to comply with annual SEC requirements since the year 1996.

The guild was forced to apply for a new registration and had to change its name. The SEC released the certificate of incorporation of the renamed guild on June 24, 2005.

Navarro said the board of directors will be meeting soon to fill up the vacancy in the position of secretary and to draw up the list of programs for the reinvigorated editors’ association.