Aug 05
NEOPHYTES ALL by Butch Macaro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Aug 5, 2005

The call of showbiz to young people is like the attraction of nectar to bees; of sugar to ants.Year in and year out, young people try to find myriad of ways to enter showbiz. Through screen tests conducted by movie productions. Through seminars and workshops that will open doors and opportunities for a movie career. Through beauty contests, through various male and female talent searches which will eventually lead to film roles, big or small. Through talent managers, some of whom are of questionable characters. Through agents and the like which may give one the needed breaks for a showbiz career or, unfortunately, break one’s dreams into smithereens. Some of them join screen tests pushed by their parents, of soon-to-be stage mothers who may be frustrated movie stars themselves.

Hundreds undergo training and workshops but only few of them are lucky to be chosen for a plum role in a forthcoming movie. Few of those chosen stay in the limelight to become superstars. Some of them even stay for decades and enjoy the celebrity status for a long period. Some fall victims to sex syndicates, some are reduced to working in steamy night clubs and some, after appearing in a few films, have no other way to go but to the oldest profession in the world, the flesh avenue. Some, out of frustration and failed ambitions, were hooked into drugs. Poor souls.

Year 2005 is no different from some twenty, thirty years ago when we talk about new comers in showbusiness. Here are some capsule writeups on some neophytes to whom the doors of flickerville have opened just slightly.

Some few weeks back, appearing in The S Files with Paolo Bediones, was Lovi Poe, the 16-year-old daughter of the late Fernando Poe Jr. with former model Rowena Moran. Lovi (for Lourdes Virginia) performed a musical number only to prove that she too has a good singing voice.

Some few months back, I remember reciving a mis-sent message in my cellphone. When I returned the call to ask who the sender is, the return message was an apology for a mistake in sending the message. I texted back without any trace of disgust and that started our being textmates. I told Lovi (Lovely as my textmate) she must be in the movies considering that she is the daughter of the great movie king but Lovi insists she is not meant for showbiz as she is not beautiful.The messages continued but after she appeared in some tv shows, the exchange of messages suddenly stopped. She must be busy in her new-found world. Anyway, I enjoyed the short lived communication. I haven’t seen her in person yet but her picture that appeared in Mario E. Bautista’s column gave me the feeling that Lovi will make it as a future superstar.

Ronyan Poe, another son of the King, has started making his presence felt by appearing in some TV programs. He is still waiting for a good project and hopefully, before the end of the year, Ronyan will be featured in some movies.

Another newcomer to watch is Jeff Aeros who appeared in a starring role opposite Kat De Santos in a Waterplus Productionproject, Huwag Diyan, Huwag Diyan…May Kiliti Ako Diyan. Judging from the film’s trailer shown during the promotional launching at the Amoranto Stadium, Jeff is being predicted to be the next matinee idol. In a five minute interview conducted at the Waterplus office, Jeff admitted he is not yet ready for a bold role. Jeff, 20 years old, is 5’9” in height and finished a course in business administration. His father is Bicolano and his mother is from Iloilo where he was born though he grew up in Manila. Jeff hopes to have more movies to prove he too has the makings of a great star. Jeff is slated to appear in a small role in the Bong Revilla starrer, soon to start shooting next month.

Jerome Ocampo appears in stage play Hipo (Hipo-krito) and was assigned to play a male stripper because the one assigned to the role refused to take off his clothes. But Jerome is ready to take the challenge only to prove otherwise that he has what it takes in challenging roles. In the play, Jerome willl face the audience with plaster covering his private parts. He will join the audience and randomly pick up anyone from among the women or gays to take off the plasters. Jerome is a little scared but is game enough for this sexy stunt. Hopefully through this play, someone willl notice Jerome for a better and bigger role in the movies.

Jayson Abalos, 18 years old, is from Nueva Ecija and is positive he will soon be given the chance to appear in the movies. Jayson is a product of the Star Circle National Teen Quest but was eliminated in a last Friday edition. Rumors had it that Jayson did not declare his true age but he is willing and ready to prove his detractors wrong. Maybe a copy of his birth certificate will silence his detractors. The intrigue is too soon for a newcomer but Jayson is taking it in stride. Jayson’s record in modelling is impressive. He was included in the Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 69. He was included in the Chosen Best of Seventeen Magazine and was a winner in the Circle of 10 contest. Watch out for this newcomer in showbiz. Jayson’s priority was modelling but got second thoughts when he joined the Star Circle National Teen Contest.

It can’t be denied.that young men are taking over the predominantly female-populated exclusive world of strip shows. Has it become more intriguing to watch men take off their clothes, especially before an audience filled with female customers? Are these male strippers forced to this kind of work because of poverty? Or are they just motivated by their desire to make a name in the entertainment field? Anywhere, everywhere there are lots of men who are ready to discard their clothes off and show eveything to have at least a little niche in the world of make believe. For some, it is the easiest way to barge into showbiz. Afterall, they will lose nothing in the process but will make friends and some connections in showbiz.

Joshua Garcia is one of the models in The ‘T’ Show Reloaded of Armando Favia, the famous sexy fashion guru. Joshua claims he has no experience with the third sex yet although most of his company are gays. In the pictorial sessions, Joshua was surrounded by gay men and saw him in the nude but he says it was alright as it was part of the game. He grew up in Pampanga but now stays in Manila to fulfill his dream of becoming a model, at the same time, to continue his college studies. Modeling was his childhood dream and he is happy it is now becoming a reality. Joshua is 18 years old and 5’11 tall and would also like to try the movies in the future.

Craven Lacson is another fellow who is willing to bare it all for the satisfaction of the audience, mostly female. Lamat served as Craven’s passsport to a career in showbiz. He is also included in a new male group called Hot Chili Papa . Craven is a high school graduate and he plans to make acting his full time career. A test in his daringness is shown in The ‘T’ Show Reloaded prepared by Jay Javier for Armando Favia. Craven refused to pose in the nude showing his private parts but has no qualms in taking off everything infront of ace photographers during the photo session. Cravern reserves to take off everything in the next movie projects he will be assigned.

These are only few of the hopesfuls trying to squeeze themselves into the crowded arena of showbusiness. Nevertheless, lets give them a chance to prove their mettle.