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ON SIGHT: THE CITERS’ LISTS by Jose N. Carreon  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Jul 28, 2009

(First of two parts)

With all citers’ lists for the 11 categories now submitted and at present being reviewed by the Academy nominators of the 27th Luna Awards, it appears that only five of last year’s winners have a chance (slim or otherwise) to make it two in a row during this year’s awards night.

Last year’s 26th Luna Awards winners who are still in the running are Director Maryo J. de los Reyes (A Love Story); Supporting Actor Dante Rivero (A Love Story); Editor Jess Navarro (Silip); Musical Scorer Carmina Robles-Cuya (Quija); and Sound Engineer Ditoy Aguila (Quija).

The rest of last year’s winners apparently were not able to squeeze into this year’s best 10 citers’ lists in their categories. To recap, the winners last year included Actor Paolo Contis (Banal), Actress Maricel Soriano (Bahay Kubo), Supporting Actress Angelica Panganiban (A Love Story), Scriptwriter Vanessa Valdez (A Love Story), Cinematographer Renato de Vera (Ataul for Rent) and Production Designer Rodell Cruz (Resiklo).

Let us review this year’s citers’ lists category by category to point certain trivia that will make this year’s Luna Awards interesting.

Best Direction

Luna Awards 2006 best director Jose Javier Reyes is in the best 10 list with two films (Magkaibigan and When Love Begins). His nephew Mark also figured with two films (I.T.A.L.Y. and My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend).

Maryo J. who also won best director in 2003 for Magnifico came up with an offbeat entry this year with Torotot. But early favorites turn out to be Mark Meily for 2008 MMFF’s best film Baler; Chito S. Rono for Caregiver; and Dante Nico Garcia for Ploning, the country’s entry to the last Oscar Award’s best foreign language film category.

Two other Star Cinema directors make up the list—Cathy Garcia-Molina for A Very Special Love and Wenn Deramas for Ang Tanging Ina Niyong Lahat.

Best Screenplay

Two former winners—2003 winner Michiko Yamamoto (Magnifico) and 2006 winner Jose Javier Reyes (Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo)—head the cited scriptwriters this year. Michiko is cited for Endo which she co-wrote with Jade Francis Castro and Raymond Lee while Joey has When Love Begins.

Chris Martinez is the only writer cited for two films—100 and Caregiver. Two other solo writers are Roy Iglesias and Paul Alexander Morales, for Baler and Concerto respectively.

Co-writers (numbering two to four) figure in the four other entries that merited inclusion in the citers’ list. They are Jun Lana, Elmer Gatchalian and Renato Custodio (Kulam); Dante Nico Garcia and Benjamin Lingan (Ploning); Artemio Abad Jr. and Ericdante Cabahug (the animation Dayo); and Ellen Estrada, Cherry Narvasa, Pen Tuviera and Alex Vicencio (Shake, Rattle & Roll 10).


Cited for best cinematography are three former winners. They are 2002 best cinematographer Shayne Clemente-Sarte (Kailangan Kita) for For the First Time; 2005 winner Charlie S. Peralta (Nasaan Ka Man) for Ploning; and 2006 winner Jay Linao (Eternity) for I.T.A.L.Y.

Two cinematographers barged into the best 10 list with two works each—Eli Balce for Caregiver and My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend; and Manuel Teehankee for A Very Special Love and My Only You.

Metro Filmfest 2008 best cinematographer Lee Meily is cited for Baler while Larry Manda is recognized for 100. A team of cameramen is also cited for the three-episode Shake, Rattle & Roll 10, namely Odyssey Flores, Gary Gardoce and Luis Quirino.

Production Design

The best 10 list for production designers seems to be crowded by young and new designers. Only one of those cited had won a Luna for best production design—Raymond Bajarias for Caregiver. He won in 1989 (or 20 years ago) for Pahiram ng Isang Umaga.

There are a lot of new names in the list that reviewing the last five souvenir programs of the Luna Awards revealed that only two names in this year’s list were nominated. Bajarias for the years 2003 and 2004 and Benjamin Padero in 2006. Benjamin is cited with Carlo Tabije for Serbis.

For all its worth as a proof that turnover in the ranks of production designers is indeed the busiest spawning ground for new talents, we are listing down the others cited in the best 10 this year. And alphabetically to be fair.

They are Nancy Arcega (A Very Special Love), Ronnie Cruz (When Love Begins), Raymond George Fernandez (Ploning), Mario Lipit (Kulam), Aby Jamnague-Rivera (100), Mark Sabas, Bing Santos & Willy Urbino (Shake, Rattle & Roll 10), Aped Santos (Baler) and Gerry Santos (Concerto).


The best 10 list for the editing category may be regarded as the most top-heavy and filled with previous winners. Three of those cited accounted for seven trophies of the last nine years.

Jess Navarro, the present president of the United Film Editors’ Guild who is cited for Torotot, chalked up previous wins in 1999 (Sidhi), 2000 (Death Row) and 2007 (Silip).

Vito Cajili, who is cited for Magkaibigan and When Love Begins, took home trophies in 2003 (Malikmata) and 2006 (Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo) while Marya Ignacio, who is cited for three films (A Very Special Love, I.T.A.L.Y. and My Only You), was recognized the best editor in 2004 (Aishite Imasu) and 2005 (Nasaan Ka Man).

Four other editors made it into the citers’ list. These are Danny Anonuevo (Baler), Luz Andre Arthmael (Concerto), Manet Dayrit (Caregiver) and Ike Veneracion (100).

Musical Score

The last three best musical score winners are represented in this year’s citers’ list for this particular category.

2005 winner Von de Guzman (for Blue Moon) is represented by two films, Desperadas 2 and Kulam. 2006 winner Vincent de Jesus (for Zsa Zsa Saturnah) has sneaked in three films, namely Baler, I.T.A.L.Y. and My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend. And 2007 winner Carmina Robles-Cuya (for Quija) is in the hustings for another trophy for Caregiver.

The other cited scorers are: Manuel Alba (Iskul Bukol), Jesse Lasaten (Ploning), Jesse Lucas (One Night Only) and Enrico Narvaez (Paupahan).


Domination is the name of the game in the sound category. Three former winners are back in the middle of the fight for the best sound Luna.

But what is staggering statistics is the fact that Albert Michael Idioma is cited for a total of six films. He gets solo credit for five of these films—Caregiver, Dayo (animation), Ploning, Urduja (another animation) and When Love Begins. He shares credit with Addiss Tabong for one Night Only. Albert has already two Luna trophies to his credit for Malikmata (2003) and Feng Shui (2004). His co-worker Addiss also won in 2005 for Nasaan Ka Man.

Ditoy Aguila, winner in 2007 for Quija, is represented by Baler this time. Other cited sound engineers or technicians are Ronald de Asis (Magkaibigan), Bebet Casas Jr. (Shake, Rattle & Roll 10) and Arnold Reodica (Desperadas 2).

(Continued next week: Performance categories)

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