Apr 06
NEXT STOP: FAP’S BEST 5 by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Apr 6, 2005

A total of 22 films from a year’s record-low harvest of 52 films received citations from the various guilds and are now being screened by several nominators’ groups for every award category.

As of Tuesday, April 5, twelve films have been screened at the FAP office at the Octo Arts building on Panay avenue, Quezon City.

The last screening day falls on a Friday, April 8. From April 6 to 8, five more films will be screened and another will be reshown to the nominators.

April 14 is the target date for the nominators to come up with their Best 5 finalists. The groups of nominators will meet on Monday, April 11 to brainstorm on their final choices for the award trophy which has just been named the Luna award.

Ten members of each guild came up with their citations covering the local films shown in 2004.

CM Films’ Panaghoy sa Suba received 13 citations, the highest number this year, followed by 12 citations each for Aisheti Imasu 1941, Angorra Films’ Naglalayag and Unitel Productions’ Santa Santita.

MAQ Films’ Mano Po3 (My Love) and Star Cinema’s Feng Sui garnered 11 citations each, while another Star Cinema film, Milan, chalked up 10 citations.

The other films and their number of citations are as follows: Regal Films’ Sabel, 7; Canary Films’ Spirit of the Glass, 5; Star Cinema’s All My Life, 3; Magsaysay Films’ Anak Ka ng Tatay Mo, 3; Regal Films’ Beautiful Life; 3; Viva Films’ Kulimlim, 3; Regal Films’ Pasiyam, 3; and Megavision Films’ Sigaw, 3.

Two citations each went to Regal Films’ I Will Survive, Octo Arts Films’ Enteng Kabisote and Viva Films’ Masikip sa Dibdib.

ATB 4 Films’ Check Inn, Seiko Films’ Liberated 2, Star Cinema’s Now That I Have You and Taurus Films’ Takaw Tingin got a citation each.

The categories for cinematography and supporting actress have 14 ciatations each; musical scoring, 13; sound, 12; actress and screenplay, 11 each; director, editor and actor, 10 each; and actress and supporting actor, 9 each.

The citations per category are as follows:


Laurice Guillen (Santa Santita), Joel Lamangan (for Aisheti Imasu 1941 and Sabel), Olivia Lamasan (Milan), Eric Matti (Pasiyam), Cesar Montano (Panaghoy sa Suba), Jose Javier Reyes (Spirit of the Glass), Maryo de los Reyes (Naglalayag) and Chito Rono (Feng Shui).


Christopher de Leon (Mano Po 3 My Love), Jay Manalo (for Aisheti Imasu 1941 and Feng Shui), Albert Martinez (Anak Ka ng Tatay Mo), Cesar Montano (Panaghoy sa Suba), Aga Muhlach (All My Life), Eric Quizon (I Will Survive), Jericho Rosales (Santa Santita), Raymart Santiago (Aisheti Imasu 1941), and Yul Servo (Naglalayag).


Kris Aquino (Feng Shui), Nora Aunor (Naglalayag), Claudine Barretto (Milan), Aleck Bovick (Naglalayag), Jean Garcia (I Will Survive), Juliana Palermo (Panaghoy sa Suba), Angelica Panganiban (Santa Santita), Judy Ann Santos (for Aisehti Imasu 1941 and Sabel) and Maricel Soriano (I Will Survive).


Johnny Delgado (Santa Santita), Eddie Garcia (Mano Po 3 My Love), Ryan Eigenmann (Milan), Ronnie Lazaro (Panaghoy sa Suba), Jay Manalo (for Aisheti Imasu 1941 and Mano Po 3 My Love), Pen Medina (Naglalayag), Joel Torre (Panaghoy sa Suba) and Dennis Trillo (Aisheti Imasu 1941)


Angel Aquino (Beautiful Life), Amy Austria (Beautfiul Life), Sunshine Dizon (Sabel), Ilonah Jean (Feng Shui), Jacklyn Jose (Naglalayag), Hilda Koronel (Santa Santita), Angelu de Leon (Aisheti Imasu 1941), Lotlot de Leon (Feng Shui), Rebecca Lusterio (Panaghoy sa Suba), Gina Pareno (Masikip sa Dibdib), Cherry Pie Picache (Santa Santita), Daria Ramirez (Panaghoy sa Suba), Gloria Romero (Beautiful Life) and Celia Rodriguez (Naglalayag).


M. Concio and M. Mendoza del Rosario (All My Life), Irma Dimaranan (Naglalayag), J. Gracio, M. Yamamoto and Johnny Delgado (Santa Santita), Roy Iglesias (for Feng Shui, Mano Po 3 My Love and Sigaw), Ricardo Lee (for Aisheti Imasu 1941 and Sabel), Ricado Lee and Olive Lamasan (Milan), Jose Javier Reyes (Spirit of the Glass) and Cris Vertido (Panaghoy sa Suba).


Shayne Clemente (Milan), Ely Cruz (Panaghoy sa Suba), Neil Daza (Feng Shui), Odyssey Flores (for Kulimlim and Naglalayag), Yam Laranas (Sigaw), Rolly Manuel (for Aisheti Imasu 1941, Mano Po 3 My Love and Sabel), Lee Meily (Santa Santita), Lito Mempin and Ricardo Trofeo (Spirit of the Glass), Isagani Sioson (Anak Ka ng Tatay Mo), JA Tadena (Pasiyam) and Romeo Vitug (Liberated 2).


Raymond Bajarias (Feng Shui), Rodell Cruz (Mano Po 3 My Love), Randy Gamier (Naglalayag), Ron Henri Tan and Allan Leynes (Panaghoy sa Suba), Edgar Martin Littaua (for Sabel and Santa Santita), Joey Luna (Aisheti Imasu 1941), Noel Naval (Milan) and Mitoy Sta. Ana (Enteng Kabisote).


Jason Cahapay (Pasiyam), Vito Cajili (for Feng Shui and Spirit of the Glass), Kelly Cruz (Beautiful Life), Manet Dayrit (Sigaw), Marya Ignacio (for Aisheti Imasu 1941 and Milan), Tara Illenberger (Mano Po 3 My love), Efren Jarlego (Santa Santita) and Renato de Leon (Panaghoy sa Suba).


Nonong Buencamino (Panaghoy sa Suba), Archie Castillo (Kulimlim), Carmina Cuya (Feng Shui), Chuckie Dreyfuss and Jun Regalado (Masikip sa Dibdib), Francis Guevarra and Ferdie Marquez (Spirit of the Glass), Von de Guzman (Aisheti Imasu 1941), Lutgardo Labad (Naglalayag), Jesse Lucas (Mano Po 3 My love), Raul Mitra (Milan), Elhmir Saison (Enteng Kabisote) and Willy Yusi (for Check Inn and Takaw Tingin).


Raffy Baladjay and Noel Bruan (Beautiful Life), Bebet Casas (Now That I Have You), Albert Idioma (for Feng Shui, Mano Po 3 My Love and Santa Santita), Nestor Mutia and Angie Reyes (for Naglalayag and Panaghoy sa Suba), Ramon Reyes (Aisheti Imasu 1941), Ramon Reyes and Noel Bruan (Sabel), Ramon Reyes and Angie Reyes (Kulimlim) and Addiss Tabong and Aurel Bilbao (All My Life).