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K FOR KORINA by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, Jun 8, 2009

Always in the news not only because she’s the one who’s giving us the news, Korina Sanchez is a big name in Philippine television. The News and Current Affairs department wouldn’t be complete without Korina’s presence.

In DZMM, the radio station of ABS-CBN, her almost two decades of dedicated broadcasting work had molded her into a household name. Always number 1 in the ratings, Korina is a sort of an icon in the likes of Johnny De Leon and Dely Magpayo.

Not limited to newscasting, Korina has been in public service that began with the defunct “Hoy Gising” on TV which she hosted together with perennial partner Ted Failon and Ruth Abao (who later on moved to DZRH). She also had a talk show, Morning Girls with Kris and Korina which ran for more than a year. Currently, her Sunday magazine show Rated K: Handa Na Ba Kayo is still going strong and she also has a Sunday column in Philippine Star, another in Pilipino Star Ngayon and also in Bulgar.

Recently, Korina hugged the headlines because of her guesting in Wowowee, ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show hosted by Willie Revillame. It was a casual “drop by” for Korina and Mar Roxas. But Willie achieved a sort of a coup when he successfully egged Mar to propose to Korina. It was not public knowledge that they were already engaged at that time.

Mar’s proposal was an unexpected thing and no less than Kris Aquino got the surprise. There was an understanding between Kris and Korina that when the time comes to reveal marriage plans, it would be Kris who would do the interview. So it’s a given now that Kris is definitely peeved. Incidentally, Noynoy Aquino, the senator brother of Kris, was an ex-boyfriend of Korina.

For his part, Willie readily admitted the blame. He said that there was no script and what had happened was genuinely instantaneous. Willie even said that he had no idea that he would be able to convince Mar to do the proposal. He could not think of what to do because it would be silly if he asked Mar and Korina to sing or to dance so he just did an interview about the relationship of his guests.

Mar said on national television that “Matagal na rin kaming nagsasama,” so it’s only right to legalize their relationship. He stated that with matching flowers for Korina. And when it was time for Korina’s reply, Mar shed tears of happiness. It was indeed a drama qualified for a soap… only the protagonists are old enough to be grandparents.

It’s a known fact that Mar Roxas is eyeing the presidency of the country. Nicknamed Mr. Palengke due to his stint as secretary of Department of Trade and Industry, he emerged as the number one in the senate elections of 2004. Although those who voted for him are a bit disappointed with his lackluster performance, Mar is still a presidential contender to contend with.

Not alien to politics due to the nature of her work, Korina understands what is to happen after they get married. Ironically, Korina has been a consistent topnotcher in the survey for senators since a long time ago. For so many times, she had aired her stand, “Huwag nyo na po akong isasama sa mga survey dahil nakakagulo lang. Hindi po ako tatakbo for any position. Not in this lifetime.”

Political analysts are saying that Korina is a gold mine in politics. So it’s easy to think what people are thinking – that Korina’s popularity with the masses is a boon to Mar’s political agenda. Her daily radio program, her nightly TV newscasting plus all her other exposures on tri-media, Korina’s persona would haunt Mar’s political opponents.

Korina in Baguio City market with some admirers

There’s a segment in Rated K where Korina gives out rubber sandals to poor children. Although she said that she’s only an instrument because the sponsors themselves spend for the giveaway slippers, public perception sees Korina as a knight in the shining armor for the less privileged kids.

Korina first worked as editorial assistant in MBS Channel 4, a government station, where she doubled as announcer for the hourly newsbreak. But since she was not a natural when it comes to speaking so she had prepared for her job by enrolling in a short course on Newscasting and Radio Announcing in Program Philippines, Inc.

Moving to ABS-CBN later on, Korina got into the primetime news reporting. In the Philippines’ largest network, she got to be known as a feisty commentator in their 18-year radio program Tambalang Failon at Sanchez.

In the recent tragedy involving the death of Ted Failon’s wife, Korina gave her full support to Ted. She lambasted the QC policemen who were handling the case for their obvious prejudice against Ted. Who would think that the aggrieved party would be arrested? And not only Ted but also his in-laws and househelps. Korina’s efforts was not wasted when the investigating team was relieved and the case was sent to NBI.

Aside from being a newscaster, radio commentator and tv show host, Korina is also a field correspondent, writer and executive producer. She also has a say in the subject matter to be covered by her Rated K tv program.

Korina had recently filed a one-year vacation leave from her network to have more time in preparation for her grand wedding. It’s also a prelude to the political campaign of her husband-to-be. And in case Mar Roxas wins in the 2010 elections, the First Lady may not be able to go back to her job anymore.

For her lifeworks, Korina had received countless of awards from here and abroad. For last year, she earned the World Silver Medal for Investigative Reporting from the New York Festivals. The award was for the expose of Food supplements specifically the whitening substances being sold in the market. It can be remembered that Korina was even threatened by the manufacturers of the whitening substance, saying that they will, as a form of harrassment, file a case against Korina in different parts of the world.

Korina’s consumer advocacy also earned for her the Ka Doroy Broadcaster of the Year Award given by the KBP (Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas). She also had won the Broadcaster of the Year for Television Award given by the Manila Rotary Club in their Journalism Awards. She was also finalist for Best News Correspondent together with her Rated K for Best News Magazine, both in the New York Festival World Awards.

And for her upcoming prize of a lifetime, the ferocious lady newscaster will soon be Korina Baluyut Sanchez-Roxas, probably be a good housewife sans the ferocity and angst but with tenderness instead.

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